9 Essential Garden Design Ideas

May 26, 2023

Designing a garden for the first time can become overwhelming if you are a newbie. There are a ton of choices you need to make, and many people don't know where they should start. Our guide has helpful tips that can aid you in getting a good start.

Best Garden Design Tips for Beginners

Before getting garden rugs or outdoor rugs for your landscaping, design your garden using these tips:

1.Set a Shape

Your garden is the largest element outside and part of your home. It doesn't have to be a standard rectangle to be eye-catching. It can be any strong shape that resonates with you creatively, such as a circle, an oval, or even an oblong shape. A rectangle will be easier to manage initially, but you can always re-shape the garden later.

2.Plan Spacious Pathways

A narrow pathway doesn't look too great in the middle of a spacious garden. Ensure the tiles are wide enough for comfortable passage so you don't have to squeeze through narrow spaces. The main pathway should allow two people to walk side by side, and the secondary ones should allow them to walk single file. The taller the plants flanking the pathway, the wider the latter should be. Otherwise, the space will feel restricted and anyone walking through the garden will feel claustrophobic.

3.Use the ‘Hide and Reveal’ Trick

Who says a small garden doesn’t have potential? Just use the Japanese ‘mergakure' trick, i.e. 'hide and reveal.' Simply partially hide or obscure the view of an interesting feature in your garden to make it seem as if it is at a distance. It will encourage people to explore and see what is hidden. They won’t be able to help it.

4.Pool and Channel

Like pooling water, people move faster in a narrow walkway and slow down when they reach an opening. Use this 'pooling and channelling' concept to direct people to garden features you want them to focus on.

For example, a grassy walkway can act as a channel leading to a fenced overlook, the pool. The attractive feature will make people pause and admire the feature.

5.Divide the Garden into Sections

To make a small garden look spacious, create 'rooms.' Divide it using concrete walls or a trellis, or add tall plants, hedges and trees. The tall features can screen off part of the garden to transform the space and lead the eyes in preferred directions.

6.Include Edibles

If you want the whole family to participate in the garden redesign, grow edibles there. Garden rugs can take the design to the next level, but edible plants can nourish your family and bring you closer together as you grow them.

Some edibles you can grow include broad bean, lettuce, onions, garlic, chard, raspberries, spinach and more. Make sure you plant these in their appropriate seasons for a plentiful and healthy harvest. You can cook a few meals with the produce, which is the most satisfying experience ever.

7.Plan Plantings from Eye Level Downwards

We stare straight ahead as we walk, so make sure your plants are at eye level. When you sit in a favourite spot in your garden, you would want to see its best features. The design needs alterations if you find yourself craning your neck to see your outdoor rugs better. The same should be true when you stare out the kitchen window if it looks out into the garden.

8.Add Planters Strategically

Planting the borders from the bottom up will leave lower spaces with lower-lying, non-climbing plants. Pick beautiful plants and place them across your garden to coordinate the design.

9.Plan for Long-Lasting Colour

If you want to ensure you see your garden in full bloom throughout most seasons, go for perennials. Choose those that bloom in all four seasons in segments. Besides being a treat for the eyes, the garden will provide a steady source of food for pollinators who will make it flourish.

Final Words

A well-designed garden is a joy if it is well taken care of. Use the tips in our guide to get a good start if you are new to this. If you want to spruce up the landscaping with outdoor rugs and garden rugs, check out the selection at The-Rugs. All our outdoor options are washable and available in various colours, shapes and designs that suit your aesthetic.

We offer free delivery for mainland orders. Contact us for more information. We will be more than happy to help you make selections.

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