How to Buy a Rug ?

Jun 30, 2020

Buying a rug might be tricky if you are new to this. The right one can pull a room together, while the wrong one can make a room feel disjointed and unfinished.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing which rug is best for your home including room type, colour, design and size. Therefore, We asked interior designers and industry professionals what they recommend looking for to find a rug that won’t let you down.

Room Type

When considering your new rug, you should know which room are you going to buy for. Different rugs suit different areas. For example, a kitchen rug may not be a suitable choice for a high traffic living room. Please check our suggestions below for the different type of rooms and interiors.

For more detailed suggestion for your rooms, you can also have a look at our previous blog ( How To Choose a Rug for Your Home ).

Living Room

The living room is the social connection area of a home, so making sure it is suitable for guests and gatherings is a must.

Then consider a flatweave or low-pile rug that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic.


Being the first thing your feet touch in the morning, bedroom rugs should be cosy and warm.

Then consider a polypropene which is more durable than other materials. You can have a look at our fluffy shaggy rugs which will bring comfort and cosiness.


Kitchens tend to have much more footfall than that of a bedroom or living room, therefore, it is best to choose a rug that is easy to clean.

Then consider polyester rugs. Our washable rugs collection is a great selection for every kind of kitchen.


A rug/runner which is placed in a hallway or entryway needs to be harder-wearing and more resistant to dirt than, for example, lounge rugs or bedroom rugs.

Then consider durable and easy to clean rugs with polyester or polypropene material.


An outdoor rug must be very stain-resistant and easy to clean in order to place in both outdoor and indoor.

Then consider hard-wearing and water-resistant rugs with polypropene material.


Measure your space and decide from there what dimensions will fit best. There are a few rules that you can apply to choose the correct size rug for your room.

Avoid the floating rug look in which you have a small rug in the middle of the room touching no furniture. Our biggest rule for rugs is that all furniture legs should be sitting on top of a rug.

If you are not sure what size will look best in your room you could try our size guide by simply clicking on Preview Size button on a product page. This will give you an idea of the size and if you will need to go bigger or smaller. Remember, the larger the rug, the more dominating the colour/pattern will be in the room.


The design of the rug you choose is of course entirely up to you.

But as a general rule of thumb, it’s worth considering similar or opposite pattern and colour within the room’s decor to make a match.

For rooms that are minimalistic in look or plainer and more pared-back in their design details, we can suggest geometric design rugs which can add an eye-catching element to any space, without drawing attention away from the decor.

When your room is rather small and dark, it is recommended to select bright colours to intensify the reflection of the light. Darker rugs, on the other hand, can add additional warmth and cosiness to spacious rooms.

If you already have a colour selection in your mind for your interior, you can use our advanced filter option to find the best rug!

With our amazing colour filter option, you can even choose multiple colours to find your dream rug.

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