How to Create a Perfect Workspace In Your Home

Feb 6, 2023

Would you like to find out how to create a perfect workspace in your home? Working successfully from home doesn’t necessarily mean carving out an entirely separate office space in which to tackle your 9-to-5 hustle. Even if you do not have a whole room to dedicate to a home office, you can still carve out a workspace that supports you to be productive and creative during your billable hours—and that lets you seamlessly tidy up to enjoy your home during your free time. If you’re wondering how to achieve such a setup, look no further than the tips below. 

How to Create a Perfect Workspace In Your Home: Calculate & Evaluate 

Before determining where to set up your makeshift home workspace, you’ll want to evaluate your home with regard to two criteria. The designers say that for one, it’s important to understand where in your home you feel most productive. Second, it’s also key to consider how you can maximise the function of existing spaces in your home, such as a kitchen nook or guest bedroom. 


How to Create a Perfect Workspace In Your Home: Think About Your Work Routine 

An at-home setup that pleases your boss or roommate may not be the perfect match for your own work preferences. Take your specific needs and habits into account when deciding how to arrange your space. Ask yourself, “Have you stopped to consider what your vision of joyful work includes? Think through whether you see yourself as a solitary writer on the couch or a host of virtual meetings using a standing desk with a camera.” Only then can you move forward with layout decisions. Once you understand the role you see yourself in for your workday, you can craft a space around how to support that. 

Organisation is the Key 

When you’re setting up shop in a room that is used for multiple purposes, don’t let your work station overpower the space. For example, if choosing to work from the dining room, staying organised and keeping one area will allow you to associate that specific area with work and productivity while the other area is for dining. 

Let It Be Special 

Additionally, when working in a spot that does serve multiple purposes, try to separate work and life using this trick. If you are using a shared space like the kitchen table to work at, create a ritual everyday where you clear off the table from breakfast and bring in your ‘work supplies. Of course, this doesn’t need to be too extensive of a process—it’s simple rituals that will make all the difference. This can be moving over your favorite plant from the window sill to sit beside you, grabbing a framed photo from the TV stand, and setting it next to your laptop, or making the cup of tea that you only save for work hours. 

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