Mystic Allure: The Timeless Elegance of a Black Area Rug

Dec 13, 2023

When it is doubt, go with the colour black. This tried-and-tested advice doesn’t just work when trying to create a fashion statement. The colour black is associated with mystery and drama, and you can bring a little of both into your home by simply including a black rug.

black rug

Create a Bold Contrast

If you are looking to create a stunning contrast in a room, then adding a black rug can easily add some of the “boldness” you seek. This is especially the case if you have white or gold furnishings that instantly stand out whenever they are paired with a black rug. That being said, since black is the go-to colour when trying to balance different hues, you can either go with a one-tone colour palette for your room, which includes black furniture, wall décor, and a black rug, or you can balance the black rug out with softer and lighter tones, which will make your black rug stand out.  

Play with Styles and Textures

So, what if you have black tiled flooring? Well, while a plain black rug will be hard to see on black flooring, you can choose a black rug that’s textured, striped, or a lighter shade so that it can be picked up easily while on top of black tiled flooring. You can also get a nice colour balance by finding a black striped rug that matches your curtains or wall paint.

Relaxed and Sophisticated

No matter whether you are looking for a relaxed or a chic, sophisticated look, a black rug will never disappoint. If you are using a black rug in a room that’s meant to relax in, then a thick black rug is going to be the perfect option to compliment wood or tiled flooring, and will add to a relaxing colour palette.

On the other hand, those who want to create a chic, contemporary ambience in a room can add a black rug that will nicely complement leather furniture. You can even add a splash of colour by mixing patterned furnishings with a black rug that will balance out the room and will bring some peace to the décor without all the colours feeling overwhelming. On the flip side, adding a smaller black rug can make matching furniture and décor stand out without the neutral accents being drowned out by the black rug.

A black rug also happens to be the ideal choice if you have children or pets at home. Since both are the usual suspects when it comes to stains and dirt on floorings, a black rug fares far better as compared to lighter, or brighter hues in which stains are more visible. So, if you are looking to find that perfect rug, all you have to do is head down to The Rugs, the go-to place for all your online rug shopping needs.

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