Under Stair Storage Ideas for a De-Cluttered Home

May 26, 2023

The space under your stairs has more storage potential than you realize, even if it doesn't seem like it. This compact area can be transformed into a functional space with a little creativity. From a pet den to a play area, check out our list of the best under stair storage ideas that will inspire you.

Top Ways to Make the Most of Under Stair Storage

Use these under stair storage tips to make the most of this unused space:

1.     Install Bookshelves

If you have a large book collection or even a small collection of new coffee table books, display them with pride under the stairs by installing bookshelves there. Place a comfy armchair in front of the space, and you have a comfy reading space and book storage solution in one place. Add good lighting and cushion, and you will have a space you will never want to leave. You can also store magazines, albums, and board games on the shelves.

2.     Install Storage Drawers

Sliding drawers under the stairs are an easy, accessible, and hidden storage solution for a space that would otherwise go to waste. Use the drawers to hide unsightly or unneeded items that you can easily pull out when needed. This is a great idea for anyone who needs more closet space or likes to collect certain items.

3.     Create a Small Pantry

Is your kitchen tiny? Do ingredients and other grocery items take up all of your counter space? Create a small pantry under the stairs for those items so they are out of sight. Add a few floating shelves, clear storage containers, and rolling drawers to access them easily. Store dry ingredients such as oats, rice pulses, and canned goods in the space. You will have more kitchen space and the freedom to try more recipes.

4.     Design a Small Wine Room

You don't need a large cellar in your house to have a wine collection. Use the storage space under the stairs for it. Use upcycled crates or custom cabinets to store and display your collection. Impress your guests without springing for a major renovation.

5.     Install a Coat Closet

A coat rack may look unsightly and filled to the brim with coats. If you have limited closet space, utilize under stair storage as a hidden and convenient alternative. Install some shelves, hangers, hooks, and rods in the space, and you can hang bags, scarves, coats, and hats there. Add a door to conceal the space completely.

Transform Under Stair Space into a Functional Space

Besides storage, you can turn the space under the stairs into a separate functional area. Here are some great ideas you can try:

6.     Turn It into a Covert Laundry Space

Not every house has a laundry room, especially in the city. But the space you need for your washing machine and dryer has been underfoot all along. If there is sufficient space under there, move these two machines underneath the stairs. Add shelves on top for detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry paraphernalia. Install a door in the front to keep the laundry area out of sight.

7.     Make a Pet Sanctuary

The space under the stairs is a perfect place for a comfy area for your pet. Fashion it into a comfy nook where your cat or dog can relax or sleep. It's much better and more humane than a bulky crate and looks nicer. Add a comfortable pet bed and toys so it feels like home to your fur babies.

8.     Make a Half Bathroom

This is a great idea if you want to avoid guests tramping through your bedroom and into your pristine bathroom. Install a sink and mirror under there, which they can use after a dinner party or to touch up their makeup. Make the space attractive with picture frames, ornaments, fancy soap, and cool lighting.

Final Thoughts

If storage space is at a premium in your home, clutter is imminent, even if you aren't a hoarder. Use these under stair storage ideas to de-clutter your home and make it more functional for your family and guests. But you can transform it into a completely new space as well.

Storage space is only as functional as its design. Make sure you add shelving, boxes, drawers, and anything else that can keep the items you store under there organized. Otherwise, it will look cluttered and unmanageable.

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