Create The English Cottage Style at Home

Oct 3, 2022


Hey, today we are talking about how we can create the English cottage style. The wistful English cottage decor style is instantly calming and welcoming—whether it’s the sense of coziness or the whimsical feeling of the space, there’s just something about the countryside aesthetic that makes you want to curl up with a good book and unwind. 

Thankfully for us city dwellers, the English cottage aesthetic is not reserved for country roads or curated Instagram feeds. In fact, embracing the English cottage style at home is much easier than you might think. 

Read on to get expert advice on how to bring a slice of the cozy countryside aesthetic into your space. 

Create The English Cottage Style: Everything Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect 

English homes have history and are usually pieced together with items that are found and inherited,” say the experts. This is great news if you’ve been storing old furnishings or decor from family members—but can be just as easily emulated with a trip to your local thrift store or antique shop. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Quirky 

 I think one of the reasons English design is having such a moment right now is that it’s not afraid to be a little playful and weird. Embracing a little quirkiness can be challenging if you’re not used to letting go and allowing for a little weirdness to come out in your decor but will become easier as you lean into themes or interests you’re naturally drawn to. 

Warmer Colours and Patterns  

The English cottage aesthetic leans heavily on playful patterns and bright colors—especially in terms of wall treatments and textiles. Rather than overhauling your space with a whole catalogue of different patterns right away, consider starting with a statement wall or investing in slip covers and going from there. 

Befriend with Mirrors 

Traditional English cottages are often light and airy. Whether you’re working with large windows or you’re dealing with a tighter space, consider placing a mirror opposite your windows to give the impression of more light in the room, and don’t forget to experiment with placement to get the best view! 

Show Your Artsy Side 

Another way to foster a sense of English cottage serenity at home is by curating your own selection of fine art and prints. Consider picking up second hand-done oil paintings (you can usually find them for cheap at second hand shops!) or investing in high quality prints or reproductions of your favorite works of art. 

Design A Cosy Kitchen 

Bright and modern kitchens have become the norm in North America but a cozy cooking space is much more inviting—and is key to achieving a traditional English cottage look. Mismatched wooden furniture, open shelving with colorful enamelware, deep Belfast sinks, and hanging pots and pans are all staples that make the English cottage kitchen so cozy and welcoming.


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