Living Room Lighting Ideas and Tips to Make the Space Glow

Sep 27, 2022

A living room holds the heart of a home. It is where everyone gathers when you are entertaining, having family time, or just chilling at home. Basically, it is a multipurpose space in the house.

Hence, you could put this space in use however you prefer. Before that happens, you require good living room lighting to illuminate it.


Living Room Lighting Ideas and Tips

Let’s look at some living room lighting ideas to figure out how you can make that area glow.

Determine the Vibe

Now, before investing in living room lighting, deciding what kind of vibe you want your living room to have is important. Some people prefer to make the space appear cosy and warm while some might want the room to be lit up and shining bright like a diamond.

Either way, installing the right light will create the mood you want your space to have.

Consider Dimmer Switches

It is impossible to maintain a single vibe every day. There might be days when you want your casa to be your chilling spot, and there will be times when you want to raise the roof with your friends.

So, how can you use your living room lighting to maintain different vibes?

*Drum rolls*

The answer is: A dimmer switch.

Light Up Every Zone

Usually, people with small living spaces like to divide the room into zones to make it functional for everyone in the house. For instance, your kids might like playing on the big, soft rug on the floor, your spouse could have a little office corner to focus on work, and you might like to read with a (big) glass of wine on your favourite chair.

In this scenario, you need lighting that will work for every person. We recommend a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling so that the kids have enough light to engage in play. A table lamp for your spouse to work comfortably and a floor lamp for you to enjoy a peaceful evening.

Accentuate Your Living Room

Led Lights are an excellent addition to the lighting in your living room, especially if you like displaying art pieces in your home. You can bring attention to the design elements in your living room by using the proper lighting. Additionally, it amplifies the design style of your living space.

Some living rooms have accent walls, and such lighting is the perfect fit to accentuate the interiors.

Layer Up Your Lighting

An open-plan living room will require you to strategize your living room lighting. If you refer to the picture above, the wall lights and hanging lights are brilliantly complimenting each other despite being at a distance.

In fact, the positioning is functional without compromising the look and style of the space. This is an excellent way to layer your lighting. Remember not to overdo it. Another great way to layer your lighting is to focus on zones instead of design elements.

Fancy it up with a Chandelier

As mentioned earlier, living rooms are primarily used as multipurpose spaces. Hence, some people want it to be a cross between a formal and casual place to entertain guests and hang out with the family. Although hard to pull off the balance but there is nothing a good chandelier can’t fix.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Moreover, the contemporary designs also make the space feel modern and chic. You can also choose to go with a classic. The decision is ultimately yours.

Incorporate Nature through Lighting

Bringing nature into the house is the new it thing. You can install wicker or rattan lights in your living room. They come in different designs and look beautiful in living rooms. It is also an excellent way to make the hanging light a focal point in the design.

Imagine an oversized rattan lamp hanging above a cosy couch with cushions and a comfortable throw. It will escalate the entire look of the room by adding an element of freshness.

Final Note

Living room lighting holds a lot of importance in terms of defining the style. For some reason, we tend to ignore this design element that can turn things around for your living room and elevate the entire space. For more home decor ideas, follow The Rugs.

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