11 Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips to Light Up Your Space

Sep 27, 2022

It is essential to ensure there is enough lighting for substantial functionality in your kitchen so you can cook to your heart’s desire. It is one of the rooms in the house that provides you with a complete sensory experience. Hence, the best way to benefit from this creative and fulfilling space is it incorporates kitchen lighting ideas that will elevate the room for you to work comfortably. That said, a kitchen requires practical lighting since the room holds a purpose. Before beginning, let's discuss the kind of lighting that typically works in a kitchen:

Ambient Lighting: The ambient lighting is supposed to brighten up the room. Its purpose is to provide light to the whole room.

Task Lighting: The name is self-explanatory. The purpose of task lighting is to provide light to a particular zone in a kitchen where you really need to focus. For instance, the cooking station or the sink.

Accent Lighting: The purpose of accent lighting is to accentuate and highlight the design elements in a kitchen. However, keeping it to a minimum and focusing on practical lighting is better if you use your kitchen for cooking and not just storing food.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips

Here are some kitchen lighting ideas that will improve functionality and brighten up your kitchen at the same time:

1. Try Pendant Lights for the Island

Pendant lighting looks good in every type of kitchen. With numerous designs to choose from in the market, you can easily find the right one that suits your needs. Pendant lights can make a kitchen appear stylish and charming. Moreover, they work very well for high-ceiling homes.


2. Contemporary Mix and Match

The contemporary style evolves with time. Currently, a mix and match of different lighting designs are quite the rage in modern kitchens. A row of distinctive designs of lighting over the island or the dining table, especially in an open kitchen. Make sure the colours combine well with your colour scheme and do not look odd.


3. Brighten Your Entire Kitchen with Ceiling Lights

You can try different elements of lighting to enhance the design and style of your kitchen. However, ceiling lightings are a component of kitchen lighting. Hence, when browsing for kitchen lighting ideas, consider your ambient lighting since it focuses on the practical use of a kitchen.


4. Match the Aesthetics of Your Kitchen

Your lighting must blend well with your kitchen. The image above is an excellent example of this. A broad and oversized light would have closed up the space and clashed with the entire look making the kitchen look tacky and tasteless. The intricate design of lighting compliments the atmosphere of the dark kitchen displayed in the image. Another lighting style could have been accent lights under the top cabinets to highlight the alcove area. Or small glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling would have been another great way to alleviate the look of this kitchen.


5. Go for Subtle Lighting to Break the Dark Pattern

The lighting in the image is perfect for a dark kitchen. This is an excellent display of what a kitchen can look like with well-blended lights. This particular kitchen has every kind of light needed in a room; ambient, task and accent lighting. You can see how well-lighted it is despite there being no natural light. The focus in the kitchen is the hanging light that is also not over the top, making the dark-coloured kitchen look elegant.


6. Light Up Your Alcove Using LED Strips

Some period kitchens have alcoves built in the room. If you plan to remodel, you can fill up the space and change the look of the kitchen. However, if you are interested in keeping that period-centric look, you can use LED strips to accentuate this element. LED strip lights are quite functional and eco-friendly. Furthermore, they are the right fit to light up corners in a kitchen that tend to get dark.


7. Don't Forget the Natural Light

Ideally, during the daytime, natural light should be flooding your kitchen. However, if you do not plan well for the electric lighting, you will end up with multiple shadowy corners. In this case, you will have to use the electric lighting during the daytime as well, which wastes a lot of energy and should be discouraged. This is especially important if you want to incorporate oversized or low-hanging lights. Of course, if you do not have any windows or doors where light can pass through to the kitchen, you can go wild with your electric lighting planning since your kitchen will need the glow 24/7.


8. Incorporate a Crystal Chandelier

Speaking of elegance, a chandelier is an excellent way to add some poshness and luxury to your kitchen. It is a quick fix to elevate a room. Moreover, a chandelier in the centre of the ceiling in your kitchen will help improve the symmetry. Balance is an essential component of lighting which will compose the entire look and make the style appear well-blended.


9. Use Glass Lighting to Create Illusion of Space

If your kitchen is small, you can use glass fixtures or lighting to give it a more open and airy look. Since glass is see-through, it does not close up the space and ensures the kitchen does not look cramped. Furthermore, a glass light is an excellent way to add a design element to your kitchen and makes your kitchen look classy. Glass lighting is quite versatile and goes very well with every kind of look. Whether you like a dark kitchen or light, glass lighting.


10. Illuminate Worktops

One of the most practical kitchen lighting ideas is to illuminate your countertops. This is a very functional tip and comes in handy when you have to work on the countertops. Not every kitchen has a space for an island. In fact, most people use their countertops to chop vegetables, prepare ingredients etc. Hence, it is important to light up the right areas to make your kitchen functional and purposeful.


11. Make the Light a Focal Point in the Kitchen

The kitchen in the image is plain and simple. It incorporates natural hues and is blended with white to form a crisp, clean look. The only thing that makes the kitchen pop is the beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Imagine the kitchen without the chandelier, and you will understand how dull the room would have looked. Since it is a classic crystal chandelier, the light passes through and spreads to the entire room. It not only looks good but also provides value to the room by fulfilling its purpose. An oversized hanging light would have taken up space, making the kitchen look closed.


The Final Takeaway

Some people consider their kitchen the most important room in the house. It's where they cook and eat together and form strong bonds with their families. This article has plenty of kitchen lighting ideas and tips that will help you illuminate your cooking space. Incorporating different styles of lighting ensure that your kitchen is functional yet chic. Remember to plan well and also focus on the design that you would like. You must note that everything should combine together to form structure and balance with the right elements. If you would like to read more about such home and interior styling ideas, follow The Rugs and elevate the looks of your home.

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