4 Stunning Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom

Mar 25, 2021

4 Stunning Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom

The moment you get up from a cosy sleep, you’d want to start your day off smoothly. This is why the first step out of the bed, should be a cosy one too isn’t it? Here we have 4 Stunning Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom that will make your morning a happy one.


1. The first recommendation has to be the softest rug everrrr…

To fulfil the dream of your first step to be on a cloud, we have the softest, cosiest and most comfortable rug, the Soft Shaggy Rug. It’s available in classic and neutral colours so not only does it feel cosy, but the range of colours will give you the look that suits any and every bedroom interior style.


2. If you’re going for the looks, then it’s…

A Caimas Collection Rug. These rugs include digitally printed designs which mean there is a series of beautiful options to choose from that match your bedroom interiors. Since these are under-floor heating friendly, the warmth in your room will never be compromised.


3. Fan of simplicity?

We know some of you would like to keep your home living as simplistic as possible. This is why we have the Gustavo Rugs. These rugs are available in geometric, abstract and basic styles that would bring the neutral vibe you’re looking for.


4. Let’s go Vintage…

Looking for an old school feel in your bedroom. We’ve got a variety of vintage style rugs under the Montana Collection which will add that classic vibe to your bedroom flooring. Of course, this will only go if you’ve nicely themed your furniture around a similar vintage style but in terms of colours, you’ll have a variety to choose from the Montana Collection.

Hope you like our 4 Stunning Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom post and this would help you to pick the best rugs for your interiors. Stay Tuned for future posts!

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