8 Kitchen Design Tips to Make Your Kitchen Look Brilliant

Aug 24, 2022

Most people’s favourite place in the house is the kitchen. It’s where you get access to all that food and snacks. What’s not to like about it?!

Well, sometimes the kitchen design isn’t great, making the kitchen look dull and gloomy. However, fear not! This article contains a bucket load of tips to freshen up your kitchen and make it look brilliant. Here is how you do it:

1.    Bring in the Light

A kitchen with no light is boring and full of gloom. Brighten it up with some natural light. Open up those windows and let the sun shine bright in your kitchen.

If your kitchen design lacks windows and you don’t have a budget for remodelling, simply get electric lighting that will imitate natural sunlight during the daytime and help you during the night when the sun is gone.

Remember, a dark kitchen is sad, and we definitely don’t want that.

2.    Don’t Shy Away From Bold Colours

Even though a full white and bright kitchen gives a modern look to the room, bold colours have the power to make your kitchen look truly magnificent. It adds a chic persona to the kitchen, which is contemporary and makes the kitchen design pop.

That said, black isn’t the only dark colour you can add. Think aubergine, emerald green, midnight blue. Also, we suggest painting the cabinetry in bold colours, instead of the wall.

3.    Focus on the Functionality

Of course, the most important thing to ponder when designing your kitchen is its functionality. Other elements come in later. The three places you generally go in a kitchen when cooking are; the cooker, the sink and the refrigerator.

This is the layout followed for most kitchens. However, you must also consider how you personally work in the kitchen to ensure your kitchen design is functional.

4.    A Backsplash Can Make or Break Your Kitchen

The first thing you notice when you enter a kitchen is the backsplash. If you use a good design, it can really glam up your kitchen. Of course, the backsplash is meant to protect the walls from water splashes and grease stains, but it can do so much more for decor. You can use it to incorporate texture and colour, which will elevate your kitchen design by adding some character.

5.    Incorporate Nature

Bringing nature into the house can enhance the fresh look you try to achieve with lighting and colours. You can incorporate different small house plants and place them on countertops, islands or floating shelves to give your kitchen design a nice and crisp look.

6.    Let the Floating Shelves Add a Modern Touch

Not all your storage has to be hidden behind the cabinetry. For a sophisticated and modern chic look, add floating shelves to the walls of your kitchen. You can put crockery and glasses on them or even some spices for a pop of colour.

Floating shelves not only give you more space for storage but also make the area look more open and airy, as opposed to adding more cabinets on the wall.

7.    Don’t Compromise on the Material

The kitchen and loo are the two places that multiple people have their hands on, even if you live alone. This is also why most repairs in the house are in these two areas.

Hence, the material used in a kitchen should be durable and strong to withstand different usages. Not everyone handles machinery and other items with care. In order to avoid wasting money on constant repairs, invest in good material for your kitchen design that is sure to last long.

8.    Ace Your Kitchen Design with a Kicking Colour Scheme

The colour tones you pick for the kitchen will make up the entire look. So, when you pick up that shade card, make sure that the colours you choose go along well with each other. A pastel shade with white, all white, black and white, greys, and olive greens with warm wood are some popular colour schemes people incorporate in their kitchen.

The Final Takeaway

An ideal kitchen design would resonate with your vision. These simple design tips will help enhance the look of your home. A kitchen filled with light, fresh accents and beautiful textures will make a space where you would love to enjoy spending time cooking and eating. Isn’t that what life is about?

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