How to Create A Perfect Garden

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We made some research for you, read blogs and experts because we want to get you covered with some creative and practical tips not only on the rugs but also with accessories you might use!

What colour outdoor rug should I choose?

As the name is pretty self‑explanatory, a garden is an outside place and actually should focus on planting. So, at this point different options emerge.

Garden furniture trends this summer tends to be natural materials such as wood or bamboo. To be able to design with your accessories and garden furniture, black or darker colours can be the easiest option, which I agree looks totally beautiful.

But as we mentioned before, we all know that these long‑lasting restrictions made us seek the interior designers living inside us so why not go for a different option this time.

I mean, when you imagine a garden full of greeneries or a pathway leading you into the seating area, an opposite coloured rug would probably create a beautiful scenery as well as the darker ones.

Plus, if you are trying to make your outdoor living area feel inviting and cosy, keep everything neutral. That is to say, choose your furniture and add personality and colour with things such as rug, lighting and other textiles 🧡

Take your time and think long term 🤔

Seasons come and go, there’s no doubt about it, and choosing a rug might look like a small detail. But there are a few things to consider.
How will you be using your garden? Will you keep the same decoration for the future or change it? Or you may have a child or pet factor.
In these cases, the rug you will choose should have all the versatility it takes. It means as much as it should look beautiful, it should be durable, easy to clean, not‑stinky and be compatible with your decoration updates.

Of course, the outdoor rug you need should not be this complex if you are searching at the right place! 😍

As Effective as Possible 💯

Probably, one of the main factors is also the size of our garden. It is our both social space and private spot at the same – hence we should use it as effectively as possible to enjoy the summer and bask in the sun. As we previously talked about it, if it’s big enough, creating a ‘’zone out’’ space will inevitably look beautiful. Here, we can use even different options of rugs to design a zone as if we are mixing up the materials. If you’d like to create more interest, give each zone a little mystery with plants. Then, you will see how your garden will surprise you.

We hope today’s blog on “How to Create A Perfect Garden” has been helpful and insightful for you, if there’s anything you would like to add or discuss, please leave a comment.

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