Mini Modern Garden Updates

Aug 25, 2021

Hello everyone, today we will talk about mini modern garden updates! I hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend so far! While we are about to see off the weekend, here we are with a mini weekend read that will energise your garden as we are still able to enjoy in spite of inconsistent weather conditions and dark clouds 🙈

Let’s start 🙌🏻

Mini Modern Garden Updates: Global Influences 🌍

 There are some basic but also unique designs that we can see anytime and anywhere; and these designs literally never go out of style. It’s called “Global Influences”. Probably most of us are quite familiar with these patterns though. It will be of course “diaper pattern” 🧡

Breezy Blues 🧜🏻‍♂️

You can update your outdoors space with breezy blues. This kind of outdoor rugs create a beautiful scenery especially if you have wooden garden furniture and a relaxed coastal style.

Add Bright Accents

Draw attention by using a standout colour. It’s a great way of creating a focus point in the gardens. Since the colour is eye catching enough, plain and non‑patterned models would be enough but according to your taste, you can of course splash colours and patterns! 🌟😍

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