Rug Trends You Should Know

Mar 18, 2022

Rug Trends You Should Know: Vintage Rugs

When it comes to vintage rugsmorrocan rugs or highly patterned ones are a favorite of these times. I like to stick with a neutral colour palette and have fun with the design, personally.

We love the unique design each one offers, no one is like the next. We love the history they add to each room. They can be neutral and soft or bold and colorful. From a pattern perspective, they can be busy or simplistic.

Rug Trends You Should Know: Layering Rugs

Own a rug that feels too small for your space but you want to make it work? Add a larger, complementary rug underneath your existing rug to help fill the empty space, and voila. Oftentimes, we see patterned rugs layered above a solid jute piece, but there are many options when it comes to implementing a layered look. Remember, there are no hard rules when it comes to layering, The only suggestion I have is when it comes to the placement of the larger rug—place this in the same direction as the furniture.

Shaggy Rugs

By no means are these simply a piece of the past. When we tell people that shag is back, they flashback to a 1970’s wood-paneled den, but today’s shag rugs are a brand new take on the old style. “Made from natural materials in different textures, they are a tactile delight for your feet.” Not sure where to place one in your home? Think about where you spend the most time barefoot. We especially love to add shag rugs to bedrooms for that luxurious first step in the morning.


Rugs certainly don’t need to be layered directly on top of each other— some interior designers have placed them at a diagonal in their projects, too. No matter the orientation of the rugs, though, be sure to keep this one tip in mind. The key is to make sure the thickness of the rugs used for layering don’t compete with one another. In general, it’s best to use machine woven rugs so it’s easy to walk on them, as well as place furniture on them.


Alright everyone, hopefully, the blog of the week has been helpful for you. These are only some of the trends that are going on these times. Whatever the trends are, one of the most important things is, they should reflect your style and personality. When you look at your space, you should feel content 😍

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