Top 4 Gamer Room Ideas That Can Make Game Night Spectacular

Oct 5, 2022

Whether you are a PC gamer, a console nerd, or both, you need a unique gaming room that goes beyond your standard setup. Sure, a gaming chair, speakers, screens, and beanbag chairs can make the room practical, but our gamer room ideas can make it a haven for you.

Top Ways to Take Your Gaming Room to the Next Level

Here are some items that you should consider for this sanctuary in your home:

1.     Hang Gaming Wall Art

Just because your focus is on the screen, your walls don’t have to be bare. Hang wall art depicting your favourite characters such as Mario, Zelda, Arthur Morgan, and other heroes you look up to as a gamer. Choose retro characters from old-school games or an eclectic mix of modern and vintage gaming art. That space will extend your gaming experience long after you switch off.

2.     Get in the Mood with Ambient Lighting

Gaming is an other-worldly experience for passionate gamers. You can immerse yourself in it the minute you enter the room if you have ambient lighting. Natural light will not get you the same effect, and since you cannot control the brightness, it can have a detrimental effect on your experience. You can’t play in the dark all the time, especially if you have migraines frequently.

The lighting should complement the games you are playing. Add LED strips, overhead light fixtures, or even disco lights to get the desired effect. The lights should be sufficient enough to illuminate the space without straining your eyes. Get targeted ambient lights to ensure this.

3.     Hide All Your Cords

You may have the greatest gaming setup ever, but if you have wires running all over the space, it just looks cluttered. The wires are tripping hazards and will also restrict your movements as you control your mouse. Plus, you will waste hours searching for cords if you want to re-design.

A wire-free setup is possible and looks super tidy as well. Try to manage all the cables under your desk or across the wall where they are hidden with coverings. You may otherwise step on a wire that plugs right into your console. You may pull down fragile merchandise and action figures as well. Use zip ties, wraps, and cable channels to hide wiring and prevent this from happening.

4.     Soundproof the Whole Area

Whether you play Mario Kart or first-person shooters such as Halo and Call of Duty, it can get pretty noisy in there. Reducing the volume is not an option if you want an immersive gaming experience. The audio tracks are usually the only thing keeping you going when your HP is running low.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore other people living with you or your neighbours. If you don’t want the police called on you for disturbing the peace, soundproof the room by installing panels or rubber lining on the windows and doors. It will keep your gaming room experience confined to the room. Add sliding wooden or glass doors to add style and make the room extraordinary.

A gamer’s paradise can be yours if you follow these gaming room ideas.

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