Why You Need to Use White Rugs for Your Home 🏡🤍

Aug 4, 2023

White rugs can make your room more inviting.

There are plenty of considerations to keep in mind when choosing a new rug for your home. One of the most important ones is colour. Your rug’s colour can impact your room’s appearance in many ways and offer certain practical advantages.

If you’ve ever been rug shopping, you’re probably seen plenty of white rugs on display at stores. Such rugs could be an excellent fit for your home when chosen and placed properly. Let’s look at some reasons to get white rugs for your home and the different ways to set them up.

Why You Need to Use White Rugs for Your Home

Rugs can enhance your living space in many ways. White rugs in particular are favoured for a few different reasons. This includes:

Making the Room Look Clean and Calm

The colour white is associated with cleanliness, so it makes sense that a white rug would give your room a more clean and pristine appearance. White is also a neutral colour, which conveys a sense of calm in your living space.

Helping the Room Look Bigger

White rugs give rooms a brighter and more welcoming feel. However, they also make rooms look bigger. This is because white colours tend to reflect more light than dark colours. The result is that the room feels more “open” and offers the illusion of a space that is bigger than it is.

If you have a small room that looks cramped, getting a white rug may be just the solution you’ve been seeking.

Colours, Styles, and Patterns with White Rugs

White rugs are versatile because they can work with furniture in various colours, styles, and patterns. They look great on wood floors of all shades. You can also place bold-coloured furniture such as a blue or orange couch by your rug.

You can also find white rugs that contain patterns. White is one of the best colours for such styles because coloured patterns are highly visible against the rest of the rug’s white surface. You can play around by keeping solid coloured furniture around a patterned white rug, or keep patterned furniture around a solid white rug.

How Quickly Do White Rugs Get Dirty?

One of the drawbacks of owning white rugs is that any stains that appear on them remain highly visible. This means you will need to scramble to wipe up any spills on these surfaces before the stain sets. However, you can expect your white rug to still get dirty over time despite your best efforts.

The rate at which your white rug gets dirty will vary based on many factors. This includes whether you have kids or pets, how much foot traffic the room receives, and whether you live in a region with lots of dust and smog.

In most cases, you’ll need to vacuum your rug once a week and give it deeper steam clean twice a year. This should be enough to help your white rug retain its pristine appearance for many years. Just be extra careful about spills because they can be difficult to remove once they’ve been set.

Learning More about Rugs

As you can see, white rugs are an excellent addition to many types of indoor spaces. Consider following the above guide if you’re interested in getting these rugs for your home. If you’d like to learn more about purchasing, caring for, and setting up rugs, please check out the other blogs on our website.

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