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    Jute Rugs

    Get that Earthen Charm with Affordable & Artfully Woven Jute Rugs

    A jute rug is an excellent investment when trying to spruce up an interior setting. Jute rugs are made from the fibres that come from the jute plant. Apart from making jute rugs for a living room, fibre is also used to make ropes and burlap fabric.
    There’s a reason why jute rugs are one of the most popular natural fibre rugs in the world. Jute rugs, such as braided jute rugs and natural jute rugs, are a common sight and are available in a variety of sizes.
    Furthermore, the soft plant fibre and anti-static properties make jute rugs a no-brainer for those who are looking for a quality rug that’s able to go the distance.

    Types of Jute Rugs to Invest in

    Jute rugs are known for their affordability and many design options. Because of the thickness and durability of jute rugs, they can also help protect wood and vinyl flooring in heavy foot-traffic spaces. If the options to choose from are overwhelming, here’s a jute rug primer to help you make a more informed decision.

    Flat Weave Jute

    Flat weave jute rugs are sustainable and eco-friendly. They are also great to look at and surprisingly durable, which makes them the perfect choice to spruce up any interior space. The process of flat weaving jute rugs is what makes them superior in quality and design.
    The yarns from the natural jute plant are dyed with vegetable-based pigments, giving them vibrant colour variations. The use of jute rugs can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization during the 3rd millennium BC. While the jute rugs today are more ‘modern,’ they still give off that vintage, earthen feel, which is why flat weave jute rugs (and jute rugs in general) are always in demand.

    Woven Jute Rugs

    Woven jute rugs feature a braided design that’s ultra-durable and offers a thick, lush profile. Woven jute rugs are designed to be reversible, making it easier to hide any large stain or mark that can’t be removed, and also adds many more years to the rug’s lifespan.

    Jute Ticking

    Jute ticking is a technique that lends a rustic charm to jute rugs. This traditional method of crafting jute rugs starts with a twisting braided technique that accentuates those classic stripes and natural colour variations we have all come to know and love. These ticking stripes run the width of the rug, adding a touch of versatility to the design. Jute ticking rugs are the perfect option for high-traffic areas because they are easy to maintain.

    Jute Soumak

    A jute soumak is crafted by braiding larger loops with the weft yarn and turning it around, another additional warp for a fuller, textured surface. If you’re looking for a jute rug that gives an organic vibe to your flooring, then the jute soumak is the way to go. The jute soumak is great for creating that thick, room-defining layer over the flooring, which not only protects but defines your living space.
    Regardless of the type or size of jute rug you choose, you can rest assured you’re going to be adding an organic touch to your home’s decor that’s well worth the investment. A plethora of colourful detailing, styles, and textures makes it easy for you to find the perfect jute rug that doubles as your personal style statement.

    Cleaning Jute Rugs

    Jute rugs are relatively low maintenance and don’t require much care since they are easy to vacuum. However, cleaning should be performed every week, and any noticeable spots can be blotted out with the use of a damp cloth.
    P.S.; Because of the material, Jute or Viscose rugs are not recommended for use in or around wet places.

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