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    The Complete Guide to Large Rugs for Your Home

    Since a rug is an important feature of a room, it’s better to go big than small. Durable and well-made large rugs can envelop a room and make it look more grandiose. A smaller variety can look disjointed and awkward in a spacious area. But how large should it be, and which rooms can benefit from the unique aesthetic of large rugs?

    How Large Should a Large Rug Be?

    That is not to say you should go overboard. An overly large rug may drown out your space. As a general rule of thumb, ensure the rug is at least two feet away from the walls. This will open up sufficient space to make the room look attractive.

    If you have other ideas, just ensure the rug doesn't touch or roll up against the walls. While going big is a good choice, an overly large rug can ruin the aesthetic you are going for and make the space look claustrophobic.

    Before using the 2-foot rule, measure the space. If the rug you have your eye on in The-Rugs doesn’t align with standard rug sizes, get one that is closest in size. If you want to show off hardwood floors, get a smaller size and if you want to go larger, pick large rugs.

    The Best Rooms to Show Off Your Large Rug

    Due to their large size, most people prefer to place large rugs in their living rooms. But your choice should depend on the size of the space you are working with and your plans for furniture placement.

    The Living Room

    For example, for small living rooms, go with large rugs that can float between the furniture and under the coffee table. A large rug six to 12 inches in front of the sofa will anchor your décor and allow walking space around the furniture. You will need a bigger rug to make the space look more spacious.

    The Bedroom

    You have several options for rug placement in your bedroom. But even if you have sufficient space, place it partially underneath the bed or perpendicular to the bed and pull it under so it is halfway in with the bed in the centre.

    This placement will maximise the amount of usable rug space you have and also give you a soft landing when you roll out of bed in the morning. In a small room, you can place the large rug in the middle of the foot of the bed to bring the décor together.

    How Difficult Is It to Clean a Large Rug?

    Whether it gets a lot of foot traffic or pet accidents, cleaning large rugs can be challenging. We aren’t exaggerating when we say it will be the biggest maintenance job you can take on. Here are some reasons why a DIY approach is not a great idea:

    The Rug May Rip

    Not all cleaning products are suitable for large rugs. Some contain strong chemicals that can make the fibres disintegrate and rip. If you put in too much elbow grease, you may damage the surface irreparably. In the end, you will end up spending more than if you had hired professional cleaners.

    Over-wetting Issues

    Even if your large rugs are worse for wear and have become crusty with time, soaking them will not help. Overwetting can cause mildew and mould. The leftover cleaner can attract more soil and dirt.

    Brown Spots

    You may get brown spots if you try to clean a stain from your large rugs the wrong way. In this case, the stain gets pushed into the rug's fibres further and will reappear on the surface if the rug gets moist again. Experienced rug cleaners how to prevent this using spot treatment strategies.

    Large rugs can make a space come together if they are placed strategically. Use our guide to make a suitable decision that can bring your décor together.

    Get a Variety of Large Rugs from The-Rugs at Affordable Prices

    Get large rugs at affordable prices and in various styles and colours from The Rugs. Whether you need low or high-pile large rugs, we have what you need in our Carina, Magic and Montana collections. Contact us at for queries regarding your order or to discuss rug options.

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