6 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look More Spacious

Oct 5, 2022

Whether renovating your bathroom or constructing it from scratch, prioritise compact and functional elements and solutions if space is at a premium. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, as you shall see in this guide.

Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Layout Stand Out

So what if your bathroom is small in size? It can still make a statement and be practical if you use these tips:

1.     Add Mirror Walls

Go all out by dedicating a whole wall in your small bathroom to a mirror. The reflection will make the space more extensive, but this idea is more practical if the mirrors are on one side of your narrow bathroom. Mirrors can also reflect light from the light fixtures making the bathroom look and feel more spacious.

2.     Consider Wall-Mounted Toilets

If you have the space, opt for a wall-mounted toilet for your tiny bathroom rather than a pedestal. It will give you more legroom and floor space. If that isn’t an option, add shelves above the toilet tank for extra storage where you can keep toilet rolls and other necessities.

3.     Choose Frame-Less Options

If you want to separate your shower area from the rest of the bathroom, you have two options. You can either install a frameless glass shower enclosure or a shower curtain. If you want more light in the room, go with the former option. It will also open up the space considerably. Choose hinged or fixed glass enclosures, as they are easier to clean than sliding glass panels.

4.     Use Awkward Corners Wisely

If your bathroom has a sloping ceiling, suspend basins from the walls. That way, you can have sufficient space for ceiling lights and the shower. Eaves are pretty tricky to tackle, but you can make them into valuable spaces with some creativity. For example, you can choose a bath/shower combo making sure the shower is the tallest point, and the bath takes up the width of one side of the bathroom. Keep the curtain rail short, so you can quickly jump out of the shower.

5.     Prioritise Storage Solutions

Storage can be a lifesaver when space is at a premium, especially in bathrooms. You can go with mirrored cabinets since they offer two benefits – storage space and an illusion that makes the room look bigger. Install a towel rail over the radiator rather than in a different spot so your wet towels can dry off quickly.

Too much storage is never a problem, but make sure that the options you use are inconspicuous or will have the opposite effect. So build in as many storage solutions as you can without compromising aesthetics. It will make the room more functional and make it look cosier simultaneously.

6.     Go All In One

If you want a shower and a tub in the small bathroom, make sure they occupy the same space and are separated by a glass wall to prevent your floors from getting wet. The unique tile design of this layout will also define the space.

You can make the most of a small bathroom layout using the tips mentioned in this guide, but don’t hesitate to be creative. You have limited options, but you can open up the space with some imagination.

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