6 Excellent Bathroom Mirror Ideas That Will Elevate Any Big or Small Bathroom Space

Oct 2, 2023

Mirrors are an essential item in your bathroom. But, a unique mirror, when placed cleverly, can actually do wonders to any room in your house, especially the bathroom. Sure, when we talk about mirrors in a bathroom, practicality is always the first priority, but let's not forget that a good decorative mirror can truly make a statement and add aesthetic value to your space. You will be surprised to see how one small mirror can transform even the most simple bathroom space into a stylish haven.

Whether you want your small bathroom to look spacious or your big bathroom to look less empty and bland, a mirror is the best item to use to add personality to your shower and bath. You have a lot of opportunities to play around with a bathroom mirror, and that is exactly what we will help you with.

Here are six excellent bathroom mirror ideas that can elevate your space:

Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Elevate Your Space

1.Create a Bathroom Vanity

Who doesn't love a proper vanity space in their house - and if you have a big bathroom, you don't have to look anywhere else. Your bathroom doesn't only have to include a shower and a toilet area - you can utilise your space to create an entire vanity, which is practical and trending these days.

All you need is a chester with all your cosmetics and vanity essentials and a big beautiful mirror on top to complete the look. This will give your bathroom a luxurious appearance and will also be a very useful space for you.

2.Place a Statement Mirror

You can never go wrong with a big statement piece, and featuring a large mirror in your bathroom as a statement piece is not only decorative but also practical. A large mirror is super useful in a bathroom as it allows you to see your whole outfit.

If you have a big, dry bathroom, you can create a small corner in your bathroom featuring a statement, long mirror. You can decorate this corner with a contrasting coloured shaggy rug right under the mirror and a few planters or flower vases on the sides. This idea also works for small bathrooms; you just need to find a corner space that's up for some creativity.

3.Try the Double Mirror Technique

The double bathroom mirror technique is nothing new; we have seen numerous houses featuring double washbasins and, on top of them, double mirrors, which almost always look absolutely stylish. Hence, if you have enough space to fit two basins, we would suggest that instead of placing one large mirror over both sinks, try the double mirror technique.

And don't worry if you are bored of seeing basic rectangular long mirrors everywhere - because even though the technique is old, you don't have to place old-fashioned mirrors here as well. You can place fashionable, polished framed mirrors that can bring all the drama you need to your interior design.

4.Add a Horizontal Mirror

Sometimes less is more, and this is exactly what you will realise when you style your bathroom with a basic horizontal mirror. With the interior design transformation over the past few years, we came across numerous different mirror styles that people use to decorate their rooms and bathrooms. But if there is one thing that did not go out of style, it was horizontal mirrors.

Horizontal mirrors give you plenty of reflection and mirror surface, but a good horizontal mirror also helps make your bathroom look spacious. You can make it more stylish by placing led lights from behind - also called backlighting. It works best with dark tones and will definitely give your bathroom an elevated and polished look.

5.Get Creative With Modern Asymmetric Mirrors

Asymmetric shapes are in fashion right now - be it furniture, tables or mirrors asymmetric shapes are now being featured to add some character to your interior design, and you can utilise this modern fashion technique to add personality to your bathroom design. If you have a cornered vanity and basin area, you can totally make that place more aesthetic by placing an asymmetric mirror on top.

These mirrors can turn an otherwise boring interior design into something creative and stylish. You can go with an oblong-shaped mirror and also pair it with a small asymmetric mirror on the same wall - this technique of adding two asymmetric mirrors actually creates a symmetry of its own and infuses a character to your bathroom walls.

6.Add a Gold Bling

While gold was previously considered tacky and replaced in various interior design ideas, we might have good news for you if you love old interiors. Gold accents and touch-ups are now back in fashion - as long as you are not overdoing it, you can really add a great touch of bling with gold. And one way to do that would be to use metallic gold fame for your bathroom mirrors.

It doesn't have to be a shiny gold colour - you can simply give it a touch of rustic gold, which can match your door knobs or taps to give it a slight bling but also keep it modish and chic. This pairs perfectly if you have a black, white or grey interior.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Should Try

Mirrors are a staple for every bathroom, but it's only up to you to use them in a way that they can amplify your interior design. There are plenty of ways you can enhance your bathroom's overall look and make your tiny toilet space look spacious and well-decorated - and one great way is to add stylish mirrors to the walls. Hence, if you have been planning to decorate your bathroom using mirrors, we hope the bathroom mirror ideas mentioned above can be of help to you!

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