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    Vintage Rugs – Pass Down Pristine Vintage Rugs with These Maintenance Tips

    Vintage rugs are timeless pieces that can be passed down through generations with proper care and maintenance. However, as romantic and unique as these look, they can accumulate decades of dirt and dust from daily use. You don't have to sacrifice style for function, but you can ensure your vintage rug lasts for years with simple maintenance tips.

    Vintage vs. Antique Rugs

    Contrary to popular belief, vintage rugs are not synonymous with antique rugs. An antique rug has some miles on it – these are between 75 to 100 years old and highly sought after by collectors due to their historical quality, age, and rarity.

    Antique rugs are made from various materials, such as silk and wool. They can be found in various colours and designs that are not seen today, contributing to their value.

    Conversely, a vintage rug is at least 30 to 50 years old. But even if they aren't as old as the antique variety, their quality and artwork are undeniable. Vintage rugs are handmade and can also be found in various colours, designs, and sizes from The Rugs.

    What to Look for in Vintage Rugs

    Before investing in a vintage rug, do your due diligence first by considering the following factors:

    • Flip the rug over and examine the back to see if it has been repaired. Large repair patches will be visible on that side and which take away from the rug's value.
    • The more knots, the better. The knots per inch (KPI) for real vintage rugs are between 40 and 400, which can go higher for elaborate varieties. The higher the KPI, the better the quality.
    • Authentic vintage rugs have quality backing that is similar to modern ones.
    • If the texture of the back is smooth, you have an authentic vintage rug in your hands. That takes years to develop. New rugs are usually fuzzy and fibrous.
    • Vintage rugs develop a patina over time. That's why a woollen one has a silky sheen.

    Care Is Essential for Vintage Rugs

    With time and foot traffic, your vintage rug will begin to break down, which may require extensive repairs and restoration. Here are some of the damages you should look out for:


    Whether due to regular wear and tear or insect infestations, holes are immediately noticeable on vintage rugs. Even if it is small, address the damage before it continues to grow and ruin your priceless rug. A sizeable hole is also a tripping hazard which can lead to serious injuries.

    Fringe Damage

    Like a modern rug, a vintage rug's fringe can deteriorate with time ranging from slivers to entire sections coming off. If one side looks longer than the other, it has already happened. This is nothing that a professional restorer cannot fix if they are given the rug on time. Timely care and maintenance can do more for your valuable rug than weekly vacuuming.

    Loose Fibres

    The more foot traffic your vintage rug gets, the looser the fibres get. These can manifest fast if you have small kids and pets.

    Fading Colours

    A vintage rug can lose its colour if it gets a lot of sunlight for hours or is walked on too much. It should be turned periodically so the colours don't fade unevenly, making the rug look unsightly. A patchy carpet has less value.

    Caring for vintage rugs is essential if you want to extend their life. A good professional cleaning every couple of months or so can ensure this. Some people purchase vintage rugs such as Persian and Oriental rugs because of their undeniable value. Making one of these can take weeks or months since they are handmade. If they are maintained, you can re-sell them for a good price.

    Get Authentic Vintage Rugs from The Rugs

    The Rugs has a wide selection of vintage rugs ranging from Oriental to those of Persian origin. Whether you want to preserve a rug for generations ahead, buy one as an investment, or want a timeless rug for an equally timeless space, our collection will not disappoint.

    Find valuable vintage rugs in different colours, sizes, and textures to suit your lifestyle and decor needs.

    For queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you narrow down your choices.

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