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    Kilim Rugs

    Elevate a Room’s Ambiance with Classy and Exceptional Kilim Rugs!

    If you’re here to buy a rug that’s chic and interesting to look at, you’re probably wondering, “What is a Kilim rug, and why haven’t I heard of it?”

    Antique kilims can be found in numerous museums and art galleries throughout the world. When purchasing a carefully crafted Kilim, you are investing in something that has the power to completely transform your living space.

    What are Kilim Rugs?

    The Kilim rug is a very specific subset of the plain or flat weave rugs that are available in the market today. The word ‘Kilim’ is Turkish and means ‘a pileless rug.’
    Kilim rugs are designed by interweaving warps and wefts of various colours, resulting in a dynamic and sophisticated rug design. Using the slitweave technique, Kilim rugs are created in diagonal patterns that prevent the structure from weakening over time. But you can also find Kilim rugs in floral and geometrical designs as well.
    Kilim rugs (or some variation of them) can be found in Turkey, Africa, China, Pakistan, and Iran. However, Iran is home to some of the most sought-after kilims in the world, mainly the Senneh and Mazandaran kilims.

    Motifs and Symbolism

    The one thing that’s strikingly noticeable to whoever lays eyes on our Kilim rugs is the unique motifs and symbols that have been intricately woven into the rug’s design. These motifs have been derived from ancient symbols and have been used in kilim designs for centuries.
    Over time, these motifs and symbols have merged with ancient myths, with many in countries like Turkey, Iran, and China viewing them as more esoteric symbols whose purpose is more psychological rather than purely aesthetics. Kilims are a great choice for adding some warmth to a room and also work nicely as a conversation starter.

    Magnificent Art Piece!

    Kilims don’t just look great while complimenting your flooring; these are intricately designed art pieces that look remarkable when hung on the wall. Besides, you get to show off its exquisite design far better when hung on the wall, as compared to being placed on the floor.
    Hanging the Kilim on a wall can add colour and class to any room and create a warm and welcoming ambience. Additionally, since wool is the material of choice when it comes to designing kilims, it can also be used for heat insulation, which is an ancient technique that is still used in Turkey, Iran, and China.

    Rug vs. Kilim: What’s the Difference?

    One of the most often asked rug-related topics is the distinction between a kilim and a rug. The former is a flat weave area rug, whereas the phrases "rug" or "carpet" are normally reserved for area rugs with piles that have been hand-knotted.
    The kilim has been weaved for centuries and has been found in Homer's Iliad and ancient Egyptian tomb paintings.
    Kilims are long-lasting mainly because they are woven and not knotted. As a result, Kilim rugs are generally not recommended to be used in rooms where you expect to be sliding chairs or moving furniture around.

    Get ‘The Rugs’ That Make a Difference

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    As if that wasn’t enough, you also get UK mainland delivery ABSOLUTELY FREE, along with a 30-day return policy with every Kilim rug purchase.

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