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    Underfoot Treasures – Discover the Allure of Oriental Rugs

    With masterful, hand-woven weaves and a timeless unmatched quality, the value of Oriental rugs is undeniable. It's uncanny how well weavers can use the most basic looms to create masterpieces. They only need two horizontal beams attached to a vertical beam to make authentic Oriental rugs. Nomads just needed a few poles stretched between two tree trunks to create these amazing rugs.

    The Most Popular Types of Oriental Rugs

    Some of the popular Oriental rugs you can choose from include the following:

    Moroccan Rugs

    Moroccan rugs are made from natural wool yarn and are knotted by hand into diverse patterns. These knots are usually symmetrical and available in both vibrant and earthy colours. These Oriental rugs are usually heftier, have a Persian variety, and usually boast tribal motifs and geometric patterns.

    Baluchi Rugs

    Baluchi rugs are also hand-knotted Oriental rugs that are usually hand-made by their namesakes, the Baluchi tribe that lives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. These are also known as Beluchi rugs, and the designs are always changing due to the nomadic lifestyle of the tribes leading to various hybrid styles.

    However, even though the styles differ from one tribe to the next, all Baluchi rugs share certain characteristics which make them instantly recognizable. Look for the tree of life motif, a constant feature in Baluchi rugs. The Oriental rugs are known for their high wool quality, coarse woven structures and unique colour combinations.

    Hamadan Rugs

    Hamadan Oriental rugs are hand woven in Hamadan, a city in western Iran. Unlike other types of rugs, these are particular across a wide region.

    Gabbeh Rugs

    Gabbeh rugs are quite thick and rougher than other Oriental rugs and are known for their simple yet beautiful designs. The basic designs incorporate geometric motifs or symbols. Some of these rugs feature expansive open fields and few colour combinations. Weavers use vegetable dyes to give these rugs a distinctly bold look.

    Who Should Buy an Oriental Rug?

    There are several reasons why getting an Oriental rug should be on your to-do list whether you are decorating your home or office:

    Ageless and Unmatched

    An Oriental rug is not just a run-of-the-mill carpet. It's a work of art that has timeless value and quality. The weaving style is taught only in remote Asian villages, not in schools. Each Oriental rug is unique since each has a distinct weaving style handed down through generations. An appraiser can tell you which village a particular rug belongs to with a single look.


    Oriental rugs are available in various styles, colours and designs so that they can suit any aesthetic. You can surely find a rug that suits the space you are decorating, irrespective of its existing décor style. This includes floral patterns for the kitchen to soft pastels for bedrooms and boardrooms.

    Easy Maintenance

    Maintaining an Oriental rug is not intimidating. Regular vacuuming can do wonders in preserving its natural look. Professional cleaning once or twice a year will ensure your Oriental rugs look as vibrant and fresh as the first day you purchased them.

    The Difference Between an Authentic and Counterfeit Oriental Rug

    There are a lot of fake Oriental rugs in the market, and the untrained eye can get duped easily. Here are some ways you can tell a fake from the real deal:

    Check the Backing

    Genuine Oriental rugs always have a soft backing, and the patterns mimic the top pile. The rug is fake if the latter is made from synthetic materials and is supported by a hard plastic backing. The same is true if the back is not a mirror image of the front and has the same hard backing. Synthetic Oriental rugs are usually held together by glue, which can be harmful.

    Check for Colour Bleeding

    Authentic Oriental rugs are dyed with natural vegetable dyes that don't bleed through the rug if it is washed or you spill something on it. Fugitive or fake dyes bleed and stain everything, even if oil is spilt on them. Professional cleaners hand wash authentic Oriental rugs to ensure it remains as soft as possible.

    Oriental Rugs from The Rugs 

    Are you looking for quality Oriental rugs for your home, restaurant, office space or any other space?

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