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    Viscose Rugs

    Choose from a Selection of Stripped, Floral, Patterned, and Plain Viscose Rugs!

    If you are looking for a statement or area rug that gives off a silky gloss and has a pleasant feel, then look no further than the range of viscose rugs.
    From handmade to machine-made, viscose rugs come in a huge variety of options, making it easy to find the perfect design and size for your living space.
    Known for its silk-like features, Viscose rugs feel great to walk on and are super popular for the plethora of design options available.
    Viscose rugs are the go-to choice for those who want to jazz up their living space with a rug that’s versatile and gives off a unique, shimmering look.

    What are Viscose Rugs?

    A viscose or rayon rug is made from cellulose fibre that’s regenerated from the by-products of wood pulp and cotton. The cellulose fibre is then made to shine by processing with a viscose liquid chemical.
    Because the viscose rug is synthetic, it cannot be compared to wool rugs when it comes to durability. But, that has not been a deal-breaker for the countless enthusiasts of viscose rugs because of their attractive designs.

    Benefits of Viscose Rugs

    There are quite a few benefits of using Viscose rugs, which is why they keep flying off the shelves at The Rugs. Here are just some of those benefits to help you make a more informed decision.

    It’s Blendable

    Viscose rugs prioritize your comfort by offering a blended rug that’s a combination of viscose and wool. This adds a layer of texture to the rug that’s not possible when using traditional rugs. You also get more under-foot comfort thanks to the blended design and flatweave rug pattern.


    Using viscose rugs helps keep any allergies at bay mainly because it is a low-permeable fabric, as in, it is unable to absorb air particles as compared to looser weaves in runner or area rugs. If you are allergic to pet hair or pollen, then viscose rugs are a smart choice because of their low permeability.

    Long-Lasting Colour

    Another noteworthy benefit of investing in a viscose rug is that the natural and synthetic fibres used in its design can hold dyes for longer as compared to traditional rugs. The ability of the fibre used in viscose rugs to easily absorb and retain colours means that you get to enjoy your area rug for longer. Since the viscose rugs do not lose the charm of their shades and designs, you won’t have to look to replace one any time soon.

    Cleaning Viscose Rugs

    Viscose rugs are considered to be more difficult to clean as compared to wool rugs. This means you’re better off placing a viscose rug far from high foot-traffic areas in your home. Rather than using harsh cleaning agents, all you need to clean a viscose rug is water and a dishwashing cleaner to remove a nasty stain from your beloved rug.
    P.S.; Because of the material, Viscose rugs are not recommended for use in or around wet places.

    Get ‘The Rugs’ that Make a Difference!

    Once on the site, you will be greeted by premium quality products that have been neatly divided into categories that take the guesswork out of the process.
    At The Rugs, you can begin your search for that perfect piece by searching rugs by room; rugs by colour; rugs by style; or rugs by size. There’s also a ‘Rugs for Sale’ category that cuts right to the chase and offers you with the best and latest collection of rugs for sale at amazingly low prices. The platform is also an excellent resource for information for those who want to scratch their interior designer itch by adding a Viscose rug to the equation.

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