7 Fall Décor Ideas That Can Make Your Home an Autumn Wonderland

Oct 5, 2022

Before fall makes its presence known, transform your home décor and welcome the nippy season in style. Use our guide to make your house an autumn wonderland.

Top Fall Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Here are some fall design ideas that can help you welcome autumn in your home:

1.     Add a Wreath to Your Door

You don’t have to go with the traditional Christmas wreath. During fall, you will have various natural resources to make a custom one for the season. Use dried corn husks, pine cones, yellow leaves, and seasonal flowers to make a gorgeous wreath for your front door. Just toss it in your compost pile when winter is here, and you won’t waste it.

2.     Display Seasonal Flowers

Autumn brings forth a bouquet of flowers, some of which you cannot find in any other season. Fill up vases with asters, dahlias, daffodils, daisies and more. Place them on your bedside tables, the entryway table, coffee tables and other places around your home. Save money by getting faux fall flowers for your home that will last throughout the season, and you can display them yearly.

3.     Add Autumn Scents To Your Home

Besides adding fall décor, trigger happy memories by adding fall scents around your house. Place scented potpourri using cinnamon, pumpkin spice, clove or sugary scents with apple, vanilla and pomegranate. You cannot go wrong with earthy scents for autumn, such as sandalwood, cedar etc. Use essential oil diffusers to make the task easier.

4.     Add Rugs

An area room rug is smaller than a carpet, and rustic coloured ones can take your fall décor to the next level. These also add warmth and texture to bland areas and are versatile, so you can place them anywhere around your house. Use rugs, runners, and other floor coverings to soften tiled flooring, hard stone, and other options to define zones. Depending on your choice, you can change the look and feel of a room with the right rug.

5.     Transform Your Entrance and Wow Guests

If you are like most people who entertain guests during the fall, this is a great time to spruce up your entrance and foyer. Add a large entry table to display your fall décor, such as small pumpkins and leaves, and add chairs or long benches where guests can sit and talk or remove boots as they come in from the cold.

6.     Spice Up the Guest Room

If you plan on hosting weekend guests during the season, make their stay memorable by bringing fall into the guest room. Replace summer bedding with heavier linens and sheets in rich shades such as gold, russet or pumpkin. Add some fall décor to the side tables or dresser to make their stay pleasant.

7.     Display Your Copper Pieces with Pride

Copper is the best colour to display in fall. So if you have dishware, cookware and utensils made from the material, bring them out, polish and display them proudly in your kitchen. Copper mugs would also look great on a cart, and copper pots/pans will add a rustic charm to your kitchen and open up storage space.

Add copper accent using canisters, teapots and utensil holders in the same material. Add fall foliage to the mix, and your décor will only get high praise.

The season is about to change. Collect the items and décor you need to welcome fall before it gets here, and you will be able to decorate in record time.

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