How to Prepare Your Home For Fall & Winter

Feb 6, 2023

So, our focus today is “How to Prepare Your Home For Fall & Winter.” When it comes to seasonal transitions, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying new decor to spruce up your space. But along with just creating more stuff you need to store later, it gets expensive to shop seasonally. 

In an effort to minimize spending, we turned to the experts to ask what small, cost-effective ways they suggest prepping your home for cooler days and cosier nights. 

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall & Winter: Add Details That Remind Autumn Vibes 

It can be one of the favourite ways to transition the homes from summer to fall is through layers. Even adding a layer on top of the previous summer layers can intensify the feeling of coziness without having to redecorate the entire space. 

 If you want to look toward items you already have, the experts suggest pulling in pieces that feature “terracotta, olive, or earthy tones” because these colours are “a no brainer when it comes to getting the fall feels!” 

How to Prepare Your Home For Fall & Winter: Make This Process A Complete Experience 

Transitioning your home into autumn mode doesn’t just need to be visual. The experts pointed out that it can happen through scent, too. The impact that a scent has on somebody when they walk into your home is the starting point to any fall transition. I think a crisp fall scent is the perfect way to tell somebody you took the effort to make your space coordinate with the season.

Add Textures  

It’s also pointed out that the best way to invoke fall feels is with plenty of textures–but the key to doing this cost-effectively is to add items that also have a function. 

Update your bedroom sanctuary to transition into fall with a shaggy plush rug under your feet and a cozy fall-inspired throw. It’s easy and inexpensive to add a warm ambiance to your bedroom and feel ready for the cooler weather. The same idea can apply to your living room. Instantly transform the feel from summer to cooler weather with colour and warmth. 

You can easily switch seasons by swapping out pillows and throw blankets and other small accessories that take you from hot summer days to cool fall evenings by the fire. 


Get Closer with the Florals 

As the experts noted, “colour plays an important role when creating autumnal schemes,” but prints can last through multiple seasons. “It means Floral fabrics are not only for spring/summer.” 

So, the key is to look for florals with earthy throughlines–– it’s suggested “deep russet and chocolaty colours.” These can carry you from summer easily into and through the rest of autumn. 

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