Lifesaver Tips About the Rugs

Jun 17, 2022

Hey, today we are again collecting the lifesaver tips about rugs. Instead of focusing on one type, today we are being extra gentle and going through both indoor and outdoor rugs! Cause why not? Since we are in a season where we can and do enjoy both sides of our lovely homes, we’ve thought it might be useful to look at the simple but lifesaver informations. Whether you have a big patio or balcony, don’t skip them. 

 Can outdoor rugs get wet? 

In a nutshell, at least our outdoor rugs, it’s %100 yes. Whether it’s rain, spill or mud, outdoor rugs are completely resistant. Since it’s made of a material called Polypropylene, it won’t cause any smell, residue or damage on your floor. All you need to do is leave them to dry. If it gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a hose or a wet cloth. 

Can you leave an outdoor rug out in the rain? 

Firstly, they are not waterproof. However, as I have just mentioned above, they are completely water-resistant. If you leave them outside during the rain, they will absorb much less water than indoor rugs do. Furthermore, they will get dry a lot faster after getting wet. Thanks to their materials and extra protections, outdoor rugs are literally designed to survive harsh conditions. It means you can comfortably leave them outside and keep on chilling. 

 Do outdoor rugs get mouldy? 

As they are weather and water-resistant, they won’t lead any kind of mildew to grow. However, we have a bonus tip for you; within time, because of the wind and rain, some dust and general grime may accumulate on them since they will be outside probably all the time. If you’d like to be on the safe side, some basic household items may be more than helpful. You can gently wipe them with dish soap, with vinegar or baking soda. Or you can even go with water only. Then, leaving them to dry by themselves for a while will be enough.  

How to stop a rug from moving on the carpet 

When you walk over the rug, your weight will push the carpet in the same direction you are moving into. Especially, if you place your rug in a high-traffic area where the household, children or pets spend time most of the time, it’s more likely that your rug will be more in the movement. However, to be able to stop that you don’t need to do something extra or creative. If you get the rug pad as almost big as your rug, place it under the rug, the rug pad will stop the rug from moving. Here, you won’t have to stress over your pets or children running over your rug. 

Can you put a rug on carpet? 

First things first, yes! More than yes, it might be a win-win situation for you. You can reduce the risk of the carpet’s wearing and tearing where you have a lot of foot traffic, often in hallways, living rooms or entryways. Also, that might be an affordable and easy way for you to cover any carpet damage such as holes or stains. One more bonus tip for you; if you want to place a rug on your carpet, there is one thing you need to be careful of in terms of design. You should find the balance between your carpet and rug. I mean, if your carpet is highly patterned or has vibrant colours, you might want to choose a more minimal or plain rug. That logic also works the other way around. 

So, here we are at the finish line of today’s blog. Hope that’s been helpful for you. 

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