How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room

Dec 7, 2021


In today’s blog, we will be delving into the topic of “How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room” Christmas and New Year excitement are right around the corner. So if you’re longing for a new rug or changing your decoration, let’s jump into the blog! 😎



How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room: Design Style

Although you can go eclectic and pull sort of different things together which can be super interesting and create a signature look for yourself, it’s important to know there are also different design styles for rugs So, you’ve got vintage, minimalist, traditional, maximalist, contemporary and many more. Understanding those different styles is going to really impact which rug you are probably going to end up choosing. So, if you are going for a Japandi style in your room, maybe you will need to stay away from very vivid and bright coloured rugs. For this case, you could go for more natural and earthy colours and hues.

If you are going for a modern rug, you might want to go for geometric shaped rugs with bright colours and strong contrast. At the end of the day, we should be mindful of design styles. There’s so much room here to play together with your personality and taste. Also, as I’ve mentioned above, you can mix different styles together, which I personally always find interesting. However, what I advise is, if you are kind of new to styling and interior design world, you might want to stick to a specific or a couple of styles. Because that rug will definitely set the tone for the rest of your room and furniture.

How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room: Material

Alright, let’s talk about material as well. Firstly, you should think about where these rugs are going. For instance, if you are looking for a rug for a high traffic area such as your kids’ room, entryway or living room, etc, I would probably go for something like a polypropylene rug.

These rugs are very durable and washable. You know that these rugs are of course going to get dirty. So you want to be able to wash them regularly and easily and you don’t want to replace those rugs over and over again. In those high-traffic areas, choosing a delicate rug wouldn’t be super useful for you.




No matter what they say but when it comes to rugs, size really matters baby 😎 So, when it comes to picking out the size rug for your space, first of all, get a rug big enough to accommodate all the furniture. However, it should not be so big that’s going to sort of bump into the edges of your wall. You are going want to a little bit of space around the edges of your rug. So that it’s not completely wall-to-wall. But you want to make sure it is able to accommodate all the different furniture pieces. Keep in mind that, if you’re especially living in an apartment flat, you can put the front two legs of your furniture on the then have the back two legs off of it. This half-on half-off solution is really good for sort of smaller spaces.

Bonus: Have fun with the rugs!

Aren’t rugs like an art piece? It’s like another art piece of art that you’re putting on your floor that’s going to help ground your space. Some options to having fun, you can use them as wall décor. I’ve seen that and that can look really cool 😍 Also, you can start layering rugs.

Actually that’s totally up to you and your imagination. Because that place is where you live and create some space for fun and colours. Reflect your personality and don’t be afraid to add some spice from yourself!

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