4 Steps to Repair Laminate Flooring That Has Peaked

Nov 16, 2022

Laminate floors can take your home’s aesthetic appeal to the next level. But if they peak, they can leave the wrong impression and cause tripping accidents.

How to Repair Laminate Flooring That Peaks

If your laminate floors are peaking, the floorboards are pushing against one another along the seam creating a lump. This usually occurs when the boards don’t have enough room to expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates.

Use these steps to fix these peaking floorboards.

Step 1 – Find the Underlying Issue

Peaking happens when there is no gap between the walls and the floor, the gap is too small, and the mouldings are attached to the floor. To determine the issue, follow the peaking boards to the wall and look for a gap of 0.25 inches or more. Also, check for glue and nails that may have come out from the boards.

Step 2 – Fix the Moulding

Remove the nails or glue if the mouldings and floorboards are attached. If there is no expansion gap, make one by cutting a section between the walls and the floor using spacers. Replace the moulding to finish the job.

Step 4 – Fix the Peaked Boards

Once you have taken care of the underlying moulding issue, place a heavy item on the peaked boards for a few days or till they settle.

When You Should Call a Professional

Laminate flooring stands out because of the extra protective layer that prevents scratches and ensures it lasts for years. But that doesn’t mean it is immune to damage. You can fix some issues using our guide, but call professionals if:

  • You are working in or have a house that has settled and has extremely uneven floors. An expert can tell you if fixing the flooring is a good idea or if you should replace it.
  • A significant part of the flooring needs to be replaced or repaired, and you are dealing with tight spaces. An experienced professional knows how to overcome those challenges and restore the floor.

Preventing Damage

After repairs or after getting new laminate flooring, prevent damages by following these tips:

  • Clean the floor regularly to prevent dirt and dust build-up that can cause scratches.
  • Place adhesive pads underneath heavy furniture, so the legs don’t scratch the floor. Even tiny movements can cause damage.
  • While vacuuming, use attachments that don’t have a brush at the end.
  • Keep your pet’s claws trimmed, so they don’t scratch the floor.
  • Place carpets and runners throughout the room.

Laminate flooring can increase your home’s value, provided it remains in pristine condition. Use our guide to ensure this.

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