How to Choose the Perfect Rug

Sep 6, 2021

Hello everyone, today we will talk about how to choose the perfect rug for every area of your home and what we should pay attention to before buying a rug because it may be kind of struggle to decide and pick up one as we know it will probably change the whole vibe and ambiance of your home hence your mood as well, because what you see in where you live is also connected to your mood!

While are unfortunately ending the summer and leading towards a new season, which is a different energy, you may want to redecorate your home and add some changes. In this transition, we want to make it a little bit easier for you to narrow down those results so you can easily pick something for your space.

So, here we go! 🍀

#1 ‑ Style

For this one, you need some inspiration whether it’s from a magazine, our Instagram account or Pinterest. When I say inspiration, I’m not talking about sitting on a chair and trying to design your whole room from a scratch but you should figure out what your taste is and what kind of style you want when you are looking up for beautiful spaces.

To be more specific, you can pick or save 2‑3 images and try to see what’s in common between these photos and what’s consistent. Is that the colour, style or something about the material? Are there any patterns there or are they solid?

When you spot these details, you will already have an important clue about your style and what you might be looking for! 🧡

#2 – Sizing

There are different sizes and even shapes when you are picking your rug.
And they always say bigger is better. Try to maximize that rug while still giving your room a little bit of breathing space 🌬 You should have a little bit of floor showing underneath the rug but ‘’maximizing’’ is the key!

If you’re still unsure about what size you want, you can go to our website, click on any product and scroll down little bit, find the size guide and see how that size will look.

#3 – Material

There are lots of information about it but in a nutshell, polyester rugs are perfect for indoors. For your entrance or living room, if you think it’s high traffic area or you have kids or pets, you may want to gravitate towards polyester rugs. Because they are family, kids and pet friendly and perfect for washability and cleaning and the last but not the least, in this kind of high traffic areas you can also go for anti‑slip rugs to maximize the efficiency while they are already looking beautiful.

For bedrooms, it actually depends on what you have on your floor. If you have hard wood, you can do anything. However, if you already have a carpet, you may want to gravitate for fluffier selections that have fringes to create an effortless contrast in your bedroom.

#4 – Shopping

Where you will shop from is as important as what you’ll purchase. Especially if you’ll shop online, does that brand have next‑day delivery, affordable prices for high quality and longevity products? Or do they have completely free returning policy?

I guess I know a company that exactly ticks all the boxes ✅

If you know what I mean… 😇

Hopefully we have been helpful about how to choose the perfect rug for your home! 🧡

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