4 Elegant Colour Trends for 2020

Feb 16, 2020

So, if you’re looking to make a change this year, try one of these interior design trends of 2020.

The New Year brings with it a fresh start, one that’s full of positivity and possibilities. The colour of the Year 2020 perfectly reflects trendy interior design.

Tranquil Dawn: give your home the ‘human touch’

Inspired by the morning sky, Tranquil Dawn – and its four complementary colour palettes: Care, Play, Meaning, Creativity .They offer a sense of calm and clarity, whilst stimulating and energising your everyday.

Tranquil Dawn is a delicate combination of soft green, grey and blue that will give your home the ‘the human touch’. This colour will help you create an environment to tick off all your plans and achieve your goals in 2020.

Pantone 2020: try the perfect colour pairing

Pantone have also announced their own Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue. In contrast to Tranquil Dawn, this blue paint is inspired by the sky at dusk. Yet, still aims to instil calm, confidence, and connection over the coming year. When paired together, these paint colour trends of 2020, will create the perfect balance from dawn till dusk.

Monochrome neutral: embrace warm, earthy tones

Strip things back in 2020 with neutral paint colours. This trend is all about layering and painting your woodwork, walls, skirting boards and doors in similar shades to create a restful and harmonious colour scheme.

Why not try combining two of our neutral shades, Rope Swing and Timeless? Or make the most of the tone-on-tone trend by matching your colours with monochrome neutral furnishings . For a neutral living room colour scheme, you could combine Soft Stone with a grey rug and pastel accessories.

Painted ceilings: aim high in 2020

Last year, painted ceilings began climb to the top of homeowners’ and decorators’ to-do lists. And the trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere! Painting your fifth wall adds another dimension to a room. We suggest choosing pastel décor or peach room décor, similar to the monochrome neutral trend. Soft, soothing ceiling paint like Pressed Petal will help to create a relaxing and stylish space for you in the New Year.

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