Colour Trends of 2022

Dec 28, 2021

Hey, today we are talking about the colour trends of 2022. Without making it too long or complicating, we’ve listed the trend colours that you can use all over your home and space. Shortly, we’ve tried to give you some clues for how you can combine these colours with different materials and other colours as well.

Colour Trends of 2022: Green

One of the first on the list is probably one of the favourites, which is green! Green is mostly seen as the colour of nature, healing and positivity. As human beings, we are accustomed to seeing it in large quantities. So, placing a green rug on your floor might also have a light and soothing effect. Since green is the colour of nature, you can get inspired to create an entire colour palette for any room. When using a green rug, you can actually pair these green tones with warm neutrals and materials like wood and golden details. If you’d like to create a contrast, black accents and details around the room will be helpful for you.

Colour Trends of 2022: Grey & Dark Grey

The second colour is grey & dark grey. If your living room has a contemporary, minimalist or Scandinavian ambience, this colour can be quite complementary. Grey is elegant and dramatic but before using this colour, you want to ensure you have a good amount of lighting or natural light. Since it’s a neutral colour, we have several choices to combine depending on your living room style. If you are desiring to create a minimalist or Scandinavian look, you can use grey or dark grey and use a monochromatic colour scheme. Also, neutral tones such as white or beige can be helpful for you. Collaborating with woody and natural materials and greeneries will enhance the effect of this colour and boost the aesthetic in your space.

Colour Trends of 2022: Timeless White

Alright then, let’s continue with the next colour. It’s of course the timeless white! If we are talking about colours and for instance if you consider renewing your living room, we can’t skip white. Probably it’s one of the most versatile and flexible colours. If you are using white in your space, it doesn’t be dull and cold. To warm the ambience and create an elegant contrast with white, you might want to use neutrals black and wooden materials again. Another way to create a colour palette using white is by pairing it with your favourite colour to create an accent. You can have a white rug and surround your rug with your favourite colour or shade.

This way, you can create a beautiful contrast with your pillows, furniture or curtain etc.


The next one, which is also the last but not the least is blue. Like green, blue has a calming effect. It’s also very easy to combine with different colours and styles. Since it’s the colour of nature as well, blue never goes out of style. Blue is a versatile hue that can move from dark and moody to soft. It’s an ideal colour for traditional and bohemian design. If you are looking for a glam and elegant look, darker blues might be a good choice for you. Combining them with materials such as velvet and golden materials will effortlessly create an “expensive look”

Alright, folks! It’s all for today again. We really hope the blog of Colour Trends for 2022

has been helpful for you.

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