Top Trending Ideas For An Ensuite Bathroom

Aug 23, 2022

If you are searching for the perfect bathroom suite, then you have come to the right place. Your ensuite can be one of the most stylish rooms in your whole home. An ensuite bathroom is your own private sanctuary making it a perfect place to let your creativity run wild.

Planning a Trending Ensuite Bathroom

Planning a new stylish and modern ensuite bathroom but no idea about what to do? Here are a few ideas that can help add a gorgeous touch to your space. You can glaze the place up with modern techniques and sprinkle it with elegance. Read the tips below to plan the perfect ensuite bathroom for yourself.

We will help you to plan your ensuite bathroom by adding modern techniques to increase the storage space, and tips on how to design your space. Having a small ensuite bathroom is not a problem. You can just simply change the bathroom design and colour theme to make it more attractive. Wall space and floor tiles can also greatly impact making a small ensuite bathroom look stylish and luxurious.


If you have a large room in which you plan to make the ensuite bathroom, it is as simple as partitioning off a section with a stud wall to create a separate space. The latest stud wall can actually be organised into the rest of your design, providing the ideal spot for wall-mounted taps, storage nooks, or a wall-hung toilet and concealed cistern.
However, if you have a small space for the ensuite, sliding glass panels in a frosted design can work in the best way because they let in light when they are shut.

You can also add folding doors, which can help retain your privacy.

Add on the Showers

The ensuite bathroom usually works in combination with the master bathroom in the house, so in most cases, you would not require a second bath here. You can save space and get a shower added; this can help you in expanding choices for yourself.

Ensure The Addition Of Optical Illusions

The size of the ensuites is smaller, so it is best that you make them appear bigger. This can be done by adding mirrors to the house and also maximizing the light sources in that area; this will help in developing a strong focal point.

Work On The Ceilings

If you have high ceilings in a tiny space, it will feel more enclosed. Hence you can add smaller ceilings in the bathroom. You can also add different lights like halogen spots etc., to give it a well-lit appearance.

Basins And Toilets

Toilets and basins are the most basic components of any ensuite bathroom, along with shower enclosures to save space. You can work with different ranges of styles and ensure that you are following your budget accordingly. Wall-hung toilets offer a variety of options for a small ensuite bathroom. The bathroom design can work with a small space to give the illusion of it.

Add Shower Enclosures

You can add shower doors that can easily slide. This can help in making the space bigger, trendier and better. The shower enclosure helps in making use of the space on the floor and also gives a look of togetherness to your place.


You can add a lot of pastels to make the place seem bigger in comparison. The trend these days in ensuite bathrooms mainly revolves around these ideas. Get them incorporated into your bathroom to give it a modern, amazing and chic look.

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