5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice

Jun 24, 2022
Hiya, today we’re talking about the 5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice. ‘Cause bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners love to remodel, even more than kitchens. Bathrooms are smaller than kitchens, making the job easier and faster. Plus, this reduced space means reduced cost: less flooring and paint, fewer cabinets, and countertop.

Follow these tips to make your bathroom remodel more attractive while keeping the process smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

Add Plants for Living Color

Plants in the bathroom should not be an afterthought. Plants bring much-needed color into sterile bathrooms.

Consider adding a floating shelf expressly for the purpose of giving your trailing plants a cozy home.

Adjust Room Size With Color

To make a small bathroom look bigger, make sure that your color palette stays in the white-or-light color spectrum.

Dark colors make the room feel smaller, claustrophobic. Use white or light-colored items and fixtures (that is, the toilet and bathtub). Always think twice about painting your bathroom ceiling any color but white or off-white, as this tends to shrink the room down even more.

Bathroom Lighting Matters

In a room where people need to visually inspect their hair and faces, lighting is usually very dim and concentrated only in one spot—namely, from a ceiling fixture.

At the very least, consider adding lighting around the bathroom mirror in the form of sconces. But blinding light is not always wanted.

Include More Mirrors in the Bathroom

Most people think of mirrors in bathrooms only for the purpose of checking makeup or hair.

But it’s also important to think of mirrors in bathrooms as design elements that expand the room visually and add light to the room. Many homeowners like to add a second mirror in addition to the primary mirror located above the bathroom sink.

In small bathrooms, use large-format mirrors that span the entire wall.

Pop Some Colour

However, if neutral tones are not favourite, you can add some vibrant colours. Especially if your bathroom is slight bigger, you can comfortably use this pop kind of colours. Our washable shaggy collection might be a good fit that you’re looking for. If I need to summarise the advantages shortly:

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Alright, everyone! That’s the end of our ‘’ 5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice ‘’ 

Hope that’s been helpful for you, see you until the next one.

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