6 Rug Ideas for Perfect Valentine's Theme

Feb 8, 2021

It is hard to believe that it has been a year already since the pandemic sent us into a lockdown and now here we are thinking how to treat the person we love when all shops, restaurants and entertainment is closed. But I tell you what isn’t shut down… our love, imagination and, of course, our store which you can find 6 rug ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Theme. I think, more than ever, our souls need Valentine’s Day right now.

It’s time to embrace the challenge and make Valentine’s Day in lockdown the best one yet. It is absolutely possible with a small change in your home.

Are you forced to spend Valentine’s day at home? Are you spending Valentine’s Day in lockdown? Although it doesn’t sound so nice, you sure can make it worth by creating a cosy atmosphere for your loved home.

See our 6 rug ideas for for a perfect Valentine’s theme ;

1. Caimas Collection Washable Rug in Pink

Just picture this beautiful rug, a fireplace, two glasses of wine and a cosy blanket in one frame. Perfect isn’t it? This rug will definitely give you that Valentines Vibe you’re looking for.

2. Washable Shaggy Rug in Red

A fluffy, tightly woven, washable shaggy rug is a declaration of love for the senses. On a Valentine’s evening, you’d want your partner to be in cosy atmosphere and these soft & velvety rugs will be a compliment there.

3. Caimas Collection Washable Rug in Floral

Pink flowers. Butterflies. Poetry. What a beautiful combination in one rug. This one’s surely going to give that pleasant ambience that invites you to relax and unwind. This design will be a cherry on top in your bedrooms and kitchens (with a runner option) for this Valentine’s.

4. Montana Collection Modern Rugs in Brown

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be the roses and lilies that add a special element to your designs. It could just be a plain simple, yet modern design to give that elegant look for a perfect romantic evening.

5. Soft Shaggy Rug in Beige

If you’re planning a cosy and cute valentine’s evening, then there’s nothing better than going for a soft shaggy rug because it’s where your partner and you will spend the whole evening. Take a few pillows, a nice blanket, a mini table for dinner and rest on the soft shaggy to spend that romantic evening. It’ll be the best thing ever we guarantee it!

6. Montana Collection Vintage yet Modern Rug

Most often we situate the colours red and pink to add that romantic vibe to a valentine’s evening. But does it always have to be?

Here’s a unique recommendation of a beautifully woven faded vintage design with a modern appeal. Your candlelight dinner is going to be even more special at the dining area when you see the ambience added with this rug.

Hope you like our 6 Rug Ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Theme post and this would help you to pick the best rugs to spend time with your loved ones . Stay Tuned for future posts!

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