7 Wall Decor Ideas to Breathe Life Into Your Living Space

Aug 23, 2022

There are few things in life more depressing than bare walls. When you first move into a living space, all the empty walls are like canvases, waiting to be filled in with your personality. Choosing to leave them empty is dull and uninspiring. Trust me; you will not get the next big idea surrounded by beige walls. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and transform your living space using creative wall décor that reflects you. There is so much to work with that this can be a fun little side project for you. You can go classy and understated, or you can go all-out flashy.
You can buy little houseplants to keep on the shelves to keep you company, or you can go the classic photograph gallery route. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is the décor can all be customised according to your interests.
If you’re looking for ideas to transform your living space into an extension of your personality, try these 7 wall décor ideas to make your walls come alive.

1) Green Walls

We can all agree that houseplants are a Godsend that can transform any place and instantly uplift the vibes there. Being around greenery is calming and brings a piece of nature right next to you, keeping you firmly connected to the outdoors even in an artificially constructed environment.
However, it isn’t necessary to keep your plants on your windowsills. There are now many ways where you can incorporate plants into your wall décor and keep that green, leafy wonder right into your line of vision. This wall décor idea is perfect for plant and nature enthusiasts and a shift away from typical wall décor.
Use small hanging potted plants to hang on your walls. Numerous hanging plants on the wall can create a lush green canopy of sorts which is very aesthetically pleasing. Wall-mounted planters also work wonders. If you have an issue with regularly watering the plants, you can also opt for the artificial kind.

2) Personalised World Map

This wall décor is for adventure and travel enthusiasts. If you have been an ardent traveller or are clamouring to become one, this wall décor can be a flex or motivation, depending on your circumstances. Use a large world map for wall décor and personalise it by marking all the places you have been to or are planning to go to. A bonus advantage is that the map can also be used as educational geography material.

3) Photo Gallery

This idea is not exactly winning any awards for creativity, but there’s a reason the classics remain eternal. A curated photo gallery reflecting your life can be a true expression of your personality. Wall décor is about aesthetic expression and choosing things you want to look at.
Photos on your wall showing the best times you had and people you have in your life is a constant reminder of what it’s all about.

4) Paint a Mural

This option can be a DIY project for you to work on, or you can commission an artist. Murals are beautiful and can instantly transform the vibe of any space.
Depending on the art, murals can rouse all sorts of emotions. A seaside mural can keep you tranquil even in the smallest spaces. Murals are timeless and can transport you into another place while sitting in your house.

5) Bright String of Lights

It is a universal truth that adding a string of twinkling lights to any space immediately turns it into a whimsical place filled with possibilities.
There are several supplementary lighting available that you can use to illuminate your walls and your lives. As we all know, good lighting solves most problems in life and makes for excellent social media posts.

6) A Giant Blackboard or Whiteboard

A giant blackboard or whiteboard, when installed on your wall, is an example of practical wall décor that is functional and sets a tone for your living space. Whether you want to scribble out your thoughts, the song lyrics you can’t get out of your head, or want to plan out your entire life, this wall décor is an excellent addition to any wall and a pretty literal way of expressing your personality.

7) Bookcases

This wall décor idea might be for the more academically inclined people, however, it can be used for primarily aesthetic purposes as well because let’s be real, massive bookcases just look great and make you look smart. So many of us buy books that we intend to read but never get around to do it. Use these wall decor bookcases to store those books and hope and pray that you get around to reading them.

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