What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom Part 2

Nov 24, 2021


Hello everyone, in our previous blog that has become quite popular, we talked about Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom. Now, we are with you with the 2nd part. Without lingering, let’s get on board and get to What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom part 2 😍

Don’t Use Too Much Dark Colours

The first thing I think we should stop doing is to use too much dark colours in the bedroom. Painting it in too much dark colours or using darker shades a lot might make it feel so isolated and you might feel you are sleeping in a hollow. (No pun intended)

And I personally know lots of interior designers try to push darker and moody colours in recent years, which is actually fine. However, if your bedroom doesn’t have wide and big windows, it will be a disadvantage for you 😕 Probably, you don’t want to live in a depressive ambience. If you live in an apartment with slightly small windows, it won’t work that much. At least, you should be able to understand that it’s already morning when you wake up. Also, if we remember the fact that we live in the UK where winters are long and dark, scatter some fair colours.

Beiges, whites, off-whites or blue hues can be some of the good choices, for instance! 💙

Time to Say Goodbye to Boho Vibes in the Bedrooms

Another thing we actually stop doing is… Boho bedrooms 😕 I know lately we see it and inspirations everywhere on Pinterest, blogs, DIY channels and magazines. Really sorry to say that but this is already turning into a cliché.

Disclaimer: These are all personal thoughts and ideas and I definitely don’t mean to offend anyone. I highly respect anyone’s choices. These are shared in the lights of some stalking, investigations and trends 🧡

One of the trends that you can do instead of a Boho bedroom is “Modern Bedroom.”

I’m not saying you should and get rid of your boho items if you already have them. But to break this boho colour palette, you might want to add some blacks, blues or greens into it 🍀

Into A More Modern Direction

The next thing we should stop is using big patterned rugs in the bedrooms. You might like a style that is vintage or traditional. However, since we are taking things into a more modern direction, these big patterned rugs might be kind of tiring. So you might want to go for more modern and minimal options 😍

So, for today that’s all folks 🌸 Hopefully the blog of “What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom Part 2” has been helpful for you!

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