Hero Rugs And Details You Need ✨

Jun 10, 2021

We have shortlisted any hero rugs and details you might need this summer! Give your room and house a boost with these heroic, simple but cool looking details.

The list can go and on so we tried to collect our favourites and most trendy details for you. 😻

Fringe Details

Probably when you think of fringes, a wintery image and cool breezes may appear in your mind because of the thick and dense texture of fringes. However, with the fashion and trends also in home decoration shifting fast, now it is the time to break this opinion. Just like contrasting colours, contrasting themes and pieces are on the verge of being popular. (Believe us, because we search through magazines and blogs for you 🥰)

Using these tufty beauties in your living room this summer will help you create a soft appearance in the room and it will make you go glam with just one click!

Bonus Trick 💡 : Even if your seating area is not quite wide, especially using a white fringed rug will make it look bigger and brighter since it will reflect the sunlight comparably better. 🤍

Tropical Fantasy aka Summer Meadow🌿💚

It may not be a surprise for you to see tropical theme on this list but we couldn’t help including it. Besides looking elegant and unique, these hero rugs and details will help you create restful ambiance with the rugs depicting colourful wildflowers and swaying leaves.

Don’t some details make you really feel the summer is here? I think tropical details are one of those details.

Regarding your furniture, contemporary scheme, soft curves, plush textures or dusky tones – versatility of the of these tropical rugs will easily be compatible with all these different details.

Even in your home, use your imagination, feel closer to nature and create your habitat! 🌿

Global Patterns

There are of course some hero rugs and details that we see everywhere and anytime but never get old or out of style. They can be some geometric shapes, vintage patterns, combination of colours or repeating details.

So why not use them around the house then? While it’s still not clear whether or not we will able to travel or we will have to do ‘’staycation’’ , we should get the best of our houses this summer.

Make it work for you & make your room light and bright : Calm colours, clean lines and sleek styling create a relaxed feel and effortlessly cool vibe. Is there anything you can ask for more from a rug? 🤔 I guess, not.

Furthermore, your options with these “Global Patterns” are actually various.

Depending on your taste, you can design a Nordic or a Vintage Look and even more!

Abstract Shapes

While you may be more familiar with the terms geometric shapes in relation to design, you probably see abstract shapes around you every day. The icons we see in web design, our phones and in street signs are abstract shapes that we are quite used to seeing and can easily recognize. This is the main goal behind these shapes, which is to impress you and stay in your mind!

If so, dress your home to impress yourself and your loved ones! Keep your ground looking fresh with the abstract shapes and revive the energy inside it.

No matter where you use it, it will transform your home with its modern finishes. Combining an abstract shaped rug with single or soft coloured curtains and furniture will shift all the eyes onto the rug and this way you’ll easily have created a focal point.


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