Narrow Hallway Ideas To Spruce It Up

Oct 18, 2022

Whenever visitors enter your home, an elegant hallway can catch their eyes, allowing them to be drawn to your home.

Here are some narrow hallways ideas that can spruce up the place.

Use Patterned Wallpaper

Choose a patterned wallpaper that can significantly make your hallway stand out. You can opt for patterns that showcase depth and help set an illusion of enlarged space.

You can paint the lower part of the hallways white and add wallpaper to the upper part. This will help elevate the look of your hallway.

Add Shades Of Blue

If you do not want to opt for wallpaper, you can always add some clever splash of colours. Paint your hallway white and touch it up with a blue rug and some blue and white art, and you are all set. Play around with a dark blue colour, allowing it to encapsulate the whiteness brilliantly.

This divine combination can work miracles to give a beautiful look to your hallway.

Choose Furniture Cleverly

Setting up furniture in the hallway may be daunting; you must be precise about the length and width of the furniture you choose.

Some options for a small hallway are console tables and a bench with storage units.

Make sure that you do not stuff the hallway with furniture. Delicate furniture will help in making the hallway look better.

Opt For A Monochromatic Color

Choosing a monochromatic look for your hallway can be a winning combination. You can use grey and white to create a perfect look. Neutrals can give the hallway a fresh and bright look. It will showcase an edge during the night and a radiant look during the day.

You can add a gallery on one wall with elegant frames while keeping the other wall plain and simple.

Use Mirrors To Add Style

You can use a large mirror to add style to your hallway. Add the mirror on the wall that is opposite the window; this will reflect the outdoors in a brilliant way and broaden the vibe of your home.

You can use the natural light of the sun or artificial lights to cast a beautiful reflection through the mirror. Or you can even use both – in the day, the mirrors will radiate natural light, and at night, they will bounce off the artificial light.

Let The Paint Radiate An Enlarged effect.

You can use the perfect shade of paint to give the appearance of a widened hall. For this, you can use a lighter shade on one wall and use a darker shade on the opposite wall. The balance of both shades on the walls will create a look of a bigger space.

Opt for light grey or creamy white for the light colours. Also, you can use horizontal stripes on the room to give it a wider feel or vertical stripes to make it taller.

Add A Console For Storage

Hallways have minimal storage, and a console can work brilliantly as the first choice. When searching for a console table, make sure that it offers extra storage space and looks elegant when it is set up.

This can help you store some stuff while giving a classy look to your hallway. Make sure that the console table is exquisite and delicate; you do not want some gaudy furniture ruining the entire vibe of the hallway.

Final Thoughts

Use these seven narrow hallway ideas tospruce up your place. Let the hallway provide a welcoming and gorgeous entrance to your house.

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