Rugs You Should Buy For This Christmas

Nov 18, 2021

While Christmas is almost here, shall we talk about some of the rugs you should buy for this Christmas? First things first, to be fair, you may consider all of our rugs for the Christmas term, except the outdoor rugs maybe, but we picked a few of them that might boost the X-Mas vibes to the fullest. So, let’s jump into today’s blog then 👯

Morrocan Design Shaggy Rug

The first thing this kind of rugs will do in your home is to create a clean and warm ambiance for your rooms. As much as it will boost the energy and Christmas mood, shaggy rugs will go great if you are also longing to create a Scandinavian home.

Fair Warning: Normally, with these shaggy rugs, there’s going to be some shedding but hey good news is our shaggy ones, thanks to their material called Polypropylene, it won’t shed at all!

Gustavo Collection Modern Rugs in Duck Egg Blue

These rugs might give you a marble-like or 3D design image, which has been quite popular during recent years. Especially, in the high traffic areas in the home or in the high traffic times, these short piled rugs will be your saver. They are durable and functional. When it comes to these rugs, they are more of a flat weave. They are not as soft as shaggy rugs. However, it will look incredible though with these vivid colours and 3D design.

Bonus Tip 💡

When you have a flat weave rug, you definitely want to go for a rug gripper, not only will it help stop the rug from slipping or sliding, it will also add a little bit more comfort.

Especially, if there are kids and pets running around your home and if your rugs keep sliding, you don’t need anything more than these grippers 😍

Premium Fluffy Shaggy Rugs Solid Design | White
Probably, there’s nothing like walking on a soft and thick rug. It will make you feel like walking on the clouds. This actually has more of a warm tone. This white tone will make your room look even brighter and bigger. If you imagine this fluffy rug in your room surrounded by Christmas lights and decors, that will be picturesque 🖼


Bonus Tip Vol. 2 💡

Since we are mostly going with white and cream coloured rugs, we thought it would definitely be useful to talk about one of our latest products which is Rug Stain Remover Spray. Having light coloured rugs, we might be risking the cleanliness of our lovely rugs at any moment. You might spill something, your furry friend might pee, your kid or baby might do something you would rather not etc…

In these cases, this cleaning spray will be the very first thing you will need. Without any hassle or fuss, you’ll be able to clean it with a few simple steps instructed on the product.

Christmas Themed Rugs

And of course, our brand new, the brightest and cutest Christmas Rugs are heeeere! 🥳

They come in different colours: red or white, and different shapes: rectangle or round 💖

Add the festive feeling to your home with our new range of Machine Washable Christmas Design Red Rug and welcome your friends and families. Due to the precise processing of 100% polyester, this rug is very robust. It is also very easy to clean WASHABLE at 30 °! With durable utility polyester fibres and unique fibre-locking-tech, it won’t shrink, transform or turn rough after wash. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Simply lay flat to dry.

The Christmas area rug have a latex backing, which makes them very easy to stick to the floor and is very slip-resistant. The rug is perfect for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and living rooms and under your Christmas tree. The designs are printed by a specially developed flooring printing technology. This Christmas area rug is also certified according to the independent Oeko-Tex-Procedure-100. It is also easily usable in rooms with underfloor heating.

Alright, then. Today, we’ve tried to help you choose the best style rugs, additional products and rugs you should buy for this Christmas. Hopefully, it’s been helpful for you.

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