The Brand New Collections For You 🧡

Jun 30, 2021

Today we will talk about our brand new collections you probably don’t know you need this summer. (It’s already summer, isn’t?)

It’s no doubt that they are going to turn your home into more unique place and give it a stylish look with the easy and simple style tips. 🌞

Our first gem is Montana Collection:

If you are following us on Instagram (I hope you are) – you must have seen on our stories and posts that Montana Collection is here this summer with even more selections to steal vintage lovers’ hearts again!

The very good thing about the latest Montana Collection is that you can literally ‘’paint your room’’ with it! I mean if you have a plain room that lacks architectural details, you can throw a Montana onto the ground and that’s it! Thanks to Montana’s slightly dark colours, you can easily create a contrast at a glance and that will be one of the easiest way to create a focal point in your room. That boring and cold vibe which feels like something is missing is gone!

What’s next?

The next brand new collection is of course Marrakech Collection! Personally, I believe Marrakech range is a beautiful mixture of different notions such as Moroccan designs, vintage vibes, pastel shades and even modern look. Somehow, if you need or fancy a rug mixture of all these things, now at least you got the answer, and it will definitely give that ‘’designer-look’’ ambiance effortlessly. Additionally, if you want to celebrate the summer by popping in some exotic prints, Marrakech is here to help again. Especially for those who have a room in a neutral scheme colour, adding a few perkier patterns, leafy designs and tropical bloom will enhance the summery vibes.

Extra Tip 💡: You can start using the exotic prints with your rug and keep going with the lampshades and cushions to strengthen this bold accent.

One and Only Outdoor Collection: Ecology 🌴

As I check the best sellers and most popular ones of Ecology, it’s safe to say colourful designs, stripes and geometric shapes are still quite trendy this summer. Right off the bat please let me say these outdoor beauties will be your saver thanks to their weather-proof, UV protected and easy to clean nature.

The functionality is hands down one of the most versatile one! In addition to a classic design where you put your outdoor rug and center the design and gatherings around it, you can create a few different options as follows:

First 🥇 : You can zone your outside space. For instance, you can divide your garden into smaller zones for lounging, cooking and dining activities. You can easily use a corner of your garden to create a natural divide and complete that zone with a beautiful Ecology rug, seating, tubs and plants.

Second 🥈: More specifically, you can decorate the garden with warmer whites and pastel shades. Choosing a warm and pastel shaded outdoor rug with a matt finish will help it feel cosier, it will again create a contrast with the greeneries in your garden and even balance the effects of sunlight exposure.

That’s all today! We have listed all the brand new collections we thought you might need for your lovely houses.

Please don’t forget to share reviews with us 🧡

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