The Most Compatible Colours for Your Star Sign: Zodiac Part 2

Mar 8, 2023

So today, we are going on with the second part of ‘’ The Most Compatible Colours for Your Star Sign’’ without a further ado.

So, let’s jump in!


Geminis are mostly associated with the colour yellow and for a good reason. Your bright and sunny personality lights up any room you’re in, so it makes sense that you would incorporate that concept into any place you are in. Yellows not only carry definitions of happiness and optimism but also help you focus on new ideas and confidence. It also thrives on mental challenges and intriguing concepts. While the concept of the colour yellow might seem overkill, throwing in some neutral shades can help balance things. Gray tends to promote the idea of not picking a side, and being flexible, which is something you tend to do in your life. You can throw in additional colours if you want to cause people to think, which is something you love doing in the first place.


You have a calming and comforting presence that surrounds you, Cancer. You want others to feel at home when they are with you, and you take great care in conveying that atmosphere into your home. It’s no surprise that you move towards lighter, cooler tones given your desire to bring a lightness into the lives of those you love. A shade such as light blue accented with hints of silver brings a dreamy and comforting mood to your home. Blue tends to represent communication and honesty, and lighter tones exhibit selfless love and nurturing qualities. Silver is mysterious and emotional and promotes sensitivity and calm. Anchoring those with some shades of dark blue to bring depth would make a perfect choice. However, you can even go as far as including other pastel shades to create a different type of movement if you choose.


You don’t have to try to make a statement when you walk into a room, but your personality does so anyway. You command attention without trying to; Your confidence in yourself and your decisions is a trait sought after by many. When it comes to your home, you want it to represent you in the best way it can. Your eye is often drawn to bold colours, ones that don’t scream to be noticed but are anyways. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see you using toasty shades of orange incorporated with aspects yellow, or even gold. Orange inspires people and causes them to take action, as well as it promotes individuality and competitive nature. Yellow does bring to mind a sunny enthusiasm but also reflects confidence (while gold naturally points to achievement and aspiring for better material things). You are known as the lion of the zodiac, after all, and if anyone can pull off a bold colour choice, it would undoubtedly be you. 


You are known to be a person who cuts straight to the point. You aren’t interested in throwing around flashy colours or concepts for the sake of it. You are a grounded person, and you do your best to create a space that is the same for you to escape the world from. You find yourself reaching towards earthy tones, such as forest green or dark brown, to remind you that even when life is chaotic, there can still be a semblance of calm. Brown tones bring to mind structure and loyalty, while shades of green represent a goal of achievement and intelligence. It’s no wonder that you would go out of your way to weave these colours into your home!

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