Top 5 Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas That Can Elevate Your Decor

Apr 5, 2023

When it comes to bedroom rugs, the placement makes all the difference. Make this space into a haven with our bedroom carpet ideas.

Top 5 Bedroom Carpet Ideas for a Comforting Space

Rug placement should depend on the size and dimensions of the space you are working with. Here are some great ideas you can experiment with:

1.The Bed Trim

If your carpet is rectangular, place it width-wise under the bed. In this position, it should be jutting out on both sides and the base. This is the most common and popular placement idea since it can work for almost any standard king or queen-size bed. The rug doesn't sit under the bedside tables either. Make sure there is a 20 cm gap between the tables and the rug.

2.The Anchor

Use the rug as an anchor in your bedroom, adding warmth to the space. Push the rug against the wall underneath the bed to achieve this setting. This way, you will ground the bedframe and bring accessories together.

If you have a large bed (king or queen-sized), ensure you get a rug that is eight to 10 feet long to get this placement right. If you are unsure, go bigger, not smaller.

3.The Split

If you want to dig your feet into a soft rug when you get out of bed, flank it with small runners or area rugs. This will balance the décor and give you what you need. Make sure the rugs are anchored in place with furniture on top, so they don't look like they are floating. Or choose options with a gripping pad, so they don't shift around. Carpet tape will also work in a pinch.

4.Spread Out Placement

Other elements in the room, such as seating options and dressers, can affect the ambience and should influence the size and location of your rug. It's great if it can reach under the dresser, but if it doesn't, you need a larger rug.

A tiny one will float, but a large carpet with a large footprint will anchor your bedroom décor. So place small rugs underneath the dresser and the large one a bit outwards.

5.Beside The Bed

This is a bedroom carpet placement idea for small rooms. A rectangular rug will be too large for it, a square one may hit the walls, and a round rug may block the door. But you can still make the space cosy by flanking the bed with small runners.

Make sure they are anchored with carpet tape or have a gripping pad, so you don't slip when you get out of bed in the morning.

Use our bedroom carpet ideas to bring the space together and make it aesthetically pleasing simultaneously. Shop around for carpets or rugs that can meet your needs, not what other people choose.

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