Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration

Jan 6, 2022

For a decoration enthusiast, this blog, Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration can’t be more helpful and the walls of a space are just a blank canvas waiting to be filled in creatively! But decorating a wall is not as easy as it seems. has determined 5 steps for you to follow in wall decoration.

For a decoration enthusiast, the walls of a space are just a blank canvas waiting to be filled in creatively! But decorating a wall is not as easy as it seems. has determined 5 steps for you to follow in wall decoration.

1) Determine your Colour Palette

When designing your walls, be sure to use your wall colour; take into account the main colour theme of your furniture and the contrast look you want to see on your walls. Otherwise, the pieces that you hang on your wall just because you like the colour / shape – which are actually stylish and stylish in themselves – may get lost due to the inconsistency of colours.

For example, white or neutral colour walls and a black metal modern wall art create a nice contrast. As in this example.

2) Do not Ignore the Issue of Ratio

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made when decorating a wall is using the wrong proportions. This mistake causes giant wallboards to be hung on the walls of small rooms as well as resulting in the use of small and insufficient wall accessories on the walls of large rooms. However, when decorating the house, we need to apply the same rule in wall decoration as we proportion the furniture according to the size of the room.

You should use wall decorations that are suitable for the size of your living room walls. Choosing compositions that are suitable for the decoration style prevailing in your home and that have a story in themselves will make your walls look magnificent without much effort. Here, you can use a single piece of décor suitable for large walls, or you can make use of multiple pieces. A single piece of big wooden wall art can fit your living room perfectly, like this.

Or you can turn to options consisting of more than one piece for large walls: just like this.

The same model can also be used for kitchen wall decorations. It is a model where simplicity is at the forefront for those who want to add a natural touch in their kitchens. Adding a different atmosphere with the use of geometric patterned tiles on the kitchen wall, the harmony between the wall décor and the kitchen is at the highest level.

3) Do not Ignore the Possibility of Asymmetry and Curvature

Especially if you are designing a gallery wall, there is one important thing you need to do before picking up a few nails with a hammer: Measure the points where you will drive the nails. You can use a tape measure/ruler to do this, or you can take measurements with the help of a spirit level. Even if the gallery wall design you will make is asymmetrical, not paying enough attention to the parallelism of the parts may prevent you from getting the impressive result you expect.

4) Do not use simple wall stickers

If you have more than enough empty walls and you are looking for a simple way to make them look full and stylish, do not resort to simple wall stickers that look cheap! It can be an economical wall decoration option for children’s / baby rooms. However, no one wants an unappealing image. Instead, you can use the high-energy lotus, which reflects deep energy, to look at when you feel low and you need some inspiration. As an outdoor wall decoration; you can use this lotus on your garden wall, too.

You can check for more affordable wall décors.

5) Do not choose the wrong wall clock

Do not simply say “After all, the wall clock is useful for learning the time”; because a carelessly chosen wall clock can ruin the job in an instant. When choosing a wall clock, it should be compatible with other wall panels and wall art if possible. Opt for a neutral and minimalist design whenever feasible. Otherwise, your walls may appear runny and tiring for the eyes. You can check dozens of wall clock models here. Do not forget to check the related articles on our blog for our suggestions about wall clocks.

And that’s a wrap! The blog of Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration ends here. We hope it’s been helpful for you.

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