4 of The Most Major Decoration Style

Dec 15, 2023

The beauty of design lies in the endless possibilities each room presents. Over time, various design styles have emerged, catering to diverse tastes and trends. Some styles remain prominent due to their ease of modernization, while others boast timeless elements that never fade from relevance. For a brief overview of major design motifs, here are our top design styles.

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse style might surprise some by topping this list, precisely because of its timeless yet easily adaptable nature. Its intentional rustic and traditional appeal, seen in exposed wood beams, brick fireplaces, and rough textures, retain an enduring charm. These elements make farmhouse style effortlessly blend into modern aesthetics. In this room, classic farmhouse elements create an earthy ambiance, while a geometric Moroccan rug and a modern standing lamp add a contemporary twist. The patterned brick fireplace interior further infuses a modern touch into this rustic setting.

French Country Design

Despite nearing the end of the initial decades of the 21st century, mid-century modern style remains a beloved choice for interior decoration. Originating in the mid-1900s, this style marked a minimalist departure from the opulence of the preceding Art Deco period.

Defined by sleek, warm-toned wooden furnishings and an understated aesthetic, mid-century modern design continues to endure as a popular choice, showing no signs of diminishing in popularity.

Industrial Design

Industrial design embraces raw elements such as exposed brick, ironwork, stone or concrete floors, and an open-plan layout. The intrigue of industrial design lies in uncovering sophistication within these rugged spaces. Here, it's evident in the harmonious interplay of textures—from the stone floors to the brick walls and exposed wooden supports.

At the bar, a sleek, straight-edged stone countertop contrasts with classic bar stools featuring curved metal legs and wooden tops. To balance the mood, a large bouquet of flowers on the dining table adds a softening touch, preventing the space from feeling excessive.

Art Deco

Art Deco,emerged as a response to the flourishing prosperity in the US at the turn of the 20th century, lasting through the Great Depression until evolving into the mid-century modern style.

This style embodies architecture, painting, and sculpture. While rooted in the past, Art Deco isn't just a nostalgic reflection; it continues to inspire contemporary spaces. Art Deco: vibrant geometric patterns adorning almost every surface, complemented by intricate lighting fixtures, innovative furniture, and a profusion of metallic hues—particularly gold.

Though later criticized for its perceived extravagance amid periods of economic turmoil and global conflicts, Art Deco remains an enduring symbol of artistic and design brilliance.

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