How Long Can Your Dishwashers Last?

Dec 1, 2023

Dishwashers work harder compared to almost any other household appliance. In the UK, most homes utilize the dishwasher at least once a week, while many households run it nightly. Considering this level of consistent wear and tear, understanding the average lifespan of dishwashers becomes crucial for making informed decisions regarding whether to invest in a new dishwasher or continue repairing the current one.

How Long Do They Last?

Dishwashers typically last between nine to 10 years on average. The longevity of a dishwasher can be influenced by various factors, including its quality, usage frequency, and the quality of water in the household.

Owners can potentially prolong the lifespan of a dishwasher by preventing items that might damage the machine, ensuring proper loading techniques, and consistently cleaning, maintaining, and repairing the dishwasher.

Here are five factors that can influence the lifespan of a dishwasher:

1. Quality: The overall build and quality of the dishwasher significantly impact its longevity. Higher-quality machines tend to last longer.

2. Usage Frequency: The frequency with which the dishwasher is used plays a vital role. Frequent use might shorten its lifespan compared to infrequent use.

3. Maintenance: Regular cleaning, maintenance, and proper care contribute to extending a dishwasher's lifespan. Neglecting maintenance can reduce its longevity.

4. Water Quality: The quality of water in a home, including its hardness or softness, can affect the dishwasher's components and functionality over time.

5. Loading Practices: How the dishwasher is loaded can impact its lifespan. Overloading or incorrect loading may strain the machine, affecting its efficiency and durability.

How to Make It Last Longer

To increase the lifespan of your dishwasher, ensure proper loading by placing items correctly and appropriately. Regularly clean, maintain, and repair the dishwasher as part of your routine maintenance practices to promote its extended lifespan.

Choose the Correct Items

Load only suitable items such as dishes, cooking pans, and kitchenware into the dishwasher. Avoid washing inappropriate items like car parts or heavily soiled sporting goods in the machine. Some non-kitchen items like certain children's toys, toothbrush holders, pet bowls, and hair brushes or combs can be safely washed in the dishwasher.


Place The Dishes Correctly

Load the dishwasher correctly each time by sticking to its specific guidelines. As a general rule, place lightweight items on the top rack, heavier ones on the bottom, and ensure proper spacing between all items. Follow the rack tines' organization and avoid overriding them; placing items only in designated spaces will ensure correct spacing.

When You Should Replace Your Machine

1. Rust: Rust on the dishwasher body or integrated parts often indicates a need for replacement. However, rust on removable parts like racks is manageable as these parts can be easily replaced.

2. Cracks: Cracks in the dishwasher's body, tub, or door typically cannot be effectively repaired.

3. Energy Efficiency: Older dishwashers that don't meet EnergyStar standards may consume more energy and impact your expenses. They might also affect home resale value.

4. Repair Costs: Repairs should be cost-effective for long-term use. When repair costs surpass or match replacement expenses, it's time for a new machine.

5. Age: Dishwashers aged 10 years or more might still function well, but replacing them can prevent potential leaks. Leaks from older machines could cause significant and costly damage to floors, subfloors, cabinets, and ceilings.

Various home appliances have the similar lifespans to dishwashers: refrigerators last around 12 years, clothes washers for approximately 11 years, and room air conditioners for about nine years. If these appliances were purchased around the same time, it might be an opportune moment to consider replacing them collectively. Buying the dishwasher as part of an appliance package could potentially save money.

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