A Complete Guide on How to Get Rid of Rats and Prevent their Return

Sep 9, 2022

Have you been hearing the pitter-patter of tiny paws and little squeaks in your home? You might just have a rat infestation upon your hands.

Many people are interested to know how to get rid of rats. Hence, we have put together this guide to help you understand the signs of a rat infestation, how to get rid of it and how to prevent the rats from returning.

How to Recognise the Signs of a Rat Infestation?

There are plenty of evident signs of a rat infestation. It is essential to pick on these signs so you can take action immediately. Here are some things that can help you figure out if any rodents are hiding around somewhere in your home:


Elongated and pointy droppings are a major sign of a rat infestation. These are usually found in one place in a lot of numbers. Rats produce at least 40 droppings every, so it is not hard to miss.

Urine Puddles

Rat urine has a peculiar smell. You will be able to sense it in the air and quite often will know there is rat urine somewhere without seeing it.


Rats run around on different surfaces, and their feet are filthy. When they run around the house, rats leave marks and little footprints which help you recognise rats.


Rats are nocturnal animals and are up at night running to find food to nibble on. You may hear a faint scratching noise at night, especially if you have floorboards instead of a carpet.

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Home?

Once you recognise the signs and confirm their presence through the signs, it is time to figure out how to get rid of rats. These little creatures carry numerous germs and can quickly spread diseases to humans. You must take measures to remove them from the property immediately. Here is how you do it:

Set a Trap

You can use snap traps with bait to lure the rat into your trap. Try using food as bait so the rat is attracted to it. Rats are often attracted to peanut butter which can be a cheap bait.

Use Dry Ice

When rats come across dry ice producing carbondioxide, it anaesthetises and kills them. Be cautious when using dry ice. You can place them near their nests or burrows for better results.

Get a Bird to Help

Predatory birds, such as eagles, grab and eat rats. This is an excellent idea if you have found rats in your front or back garden. Birds are attracted to gardens with bird baths. Install one in your garden so birds will naturally visit.

Do not put bird feed because it will attract more rodents.

Get Professional Help

At some point, you will have to accept defeat. If none of the above works, call a professional pest control service to deal with the creature. This is a sure-fire way to get rid of rats.

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Home?

After taking all measures to get rid of these rodents, you wouldn’t ever want to repeat this. So, here is what you need to do to prevent a rat infestation and never worry again about how to get rid of rats from your home:

Fill up All Gaps

Rats can fit into the smallest of spaces. So keep a vigilant eye out for any gaps in your house structure to ensure they don’t have any space to squeeze in. Rats are nasty creatures and can gnaw their way in. You must ensure you use the right material, such as a mesh wire to keep them out.

Keep Your Garden Clean

Rats like being in closed-up spaces. So if your garden is growing a bit out of control, you must trim it. Keeping your garden clean and clutter-free with trimmed hedges and branches will ensure the rats stay at bay.

Cover Your Waste

Whether it is bird seed or the waste in your bin, you must keep it covered or take it away when night falls. There should be no food resource that is attractive for rats out in the open.

Always cover your bins, and if you have bird seeds in your garden, clean the residue up before the sun sets and take the extra away to lay out the following day.

The Bottom Line

Whether you live on rent or own a home, it is essential to know how to get rid of rats to keep your house safe and secure. You can follow The Rugs for more how-to guides, home decor and interior design ideas.

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