How to Transform Your Garden On Budget

May 25, 2023

Your backyard is a work in progress that can benefit from the smallest of upgrades to make it more beautiful and usable. Whether you want to add some plants, light up your garden with twinkle lights, or tackle a DIY project like building a simple fire pit conversation area or painting the back patio, you don’t have to splash out to make your backyard feel like the luxury that it is. Check out these stylish and affordable backyard ideas on a budget that will help you spruce up your outdoor space without breaking the bank. 

Let Your Imagination Free

If you have a natural talent for drawing, a mural on a plain outdoor wall can really bring your outdoor space together. This cactus painting brightens up this outdoor dining space. Plus, it's an Instagram-worthy spot to post pictures of yourself enjoying your backyard.

Use Help of Flower Pots

If you love a backyard with plenty of colour and lush plants, look to every corner you can to grow flowers including your porch ceiling or your fence. If you don't want to install any hardware or make any holes in the wall or ceiling, you can easily hang pots of colourful flowers to a fence using S hooks to add that extra pop of colour.

Colourful Cushions

You'd be surprised at how much pops of colour can change the entire look of your backyard. Brighten up your outdoor furniture seasonally with bright pillows for spring and summer and more earth-toned pillows for fall and winter.

Romantic Lights

Lighting can really set the mood, and it's a budget-friendly way to change the look and feel of a room. Instead of hanging bistro lights across a pergola, hang them down like teardrops for a more whimsical feel. If you don't have anything to hang them from, go for candles and short strands of twinkle lights draped around your seating area.

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