Mistakes You Should Avoid Making For Your Kitchen

Mar 7, 2023

Is your kitchen organized to its fullest potential? Odds are, you could stand to give it a bit of a refresh. The key to keeping an organized kitchen is to check in a few times a year to assess what is working and declutter what you’re not using. Systems may need to be tweaked, and these quarterly check-ups will prevent large-scale decluttering projects down the road. In order to get started making your space as organized as can be, you'll want to be sure to avoid these nine common mistakes.

Not Getting Rid of the Packages

Decanting pantry items is not only aesthetically pleasing—it has a functional purpose, too! Taking food items out of the packaging allows you to see what you have so you don’t overbuy. 

Using the Area Below the Sink

While it's easy to let the cabinet underneath your sink get extra full, it's best to keep what's under there to a minimum. Experts recommend storing daily and weekly cleaning essentials below your sink, but finding somewhere else to house the occasional supplies. Pull-out drawers are a great way to maximize the height of this area.

Not Getting Help of the Labels

If you're tired of family members placing kitchen items in places they don't belong, try a label system. If you want folks to always return items to the right spot in the kitchen, consider adding labels to shelving and inside of drawers identifying exactly what goes where.


Not Decluttering

If you love to entertain, it's likely you own more than your fair share of kitchen items. However, not everything merits a prime storage spot. The kitchen is not the ideal place to store large serving trays, bulky seasonal appliances, or holiday-specific dishware. Move items that are used infrequently to a storage closet or other easily accessible area outside of the kitchen. Consider what you use on a weekly basis as items deserving top priority in the kitchen.


Having Too Many Stuff (You Might Not Need)

The more cooking supplies, the merrier? Not necessarily. Drawers can quickly become overfilled with spatulas, ladles, potato mashers, garlic presses, cheese graters, measuring spoons, and other handheld tools tossed into a drawer without much thought. Experts suggests first getting a handle on your collection by installing some drawer dividers. Drawer dividers can help you avoid shuffling through your collection of cooking supplies, but also allows you to see just how many supplies you have and how many you actually need.

The same goes for small appliances. Many kitchens were not designed with enough storage for all the convenience appliances that we have today. Having too many specialty items can cause crowding in cabinets, drawers, pantries, and eventually spill out onto countertops taking up valuable food preparation space.

Purchasing Big At Once

While it may be tempting to stock up on consumables to save some cash, this isn't always the best option. Bulk consumables take up more space and are also more likely to expire before you can fully use them.

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