The Best Guide to Money Plant Care

Oct 18, 2022

Money plants are symbols of prosperity in many parts of the world. This gorgeous plant makes an excellent gift for family members. Depending on the type you have, these also add a welcome splash of colour to your home. If you are interested in growing or keeping a money plant, this guide is a perfect place to start.

What Is A Money Plant?

Also known as a ‘jade’ plant, the money plant is a succulent that perfect for indoors. These can live for years with the proper care and attention. With age, it can develop thick branches with glossy leaves. The jade green leaves produce a reddish tinge when exposed to light for prolonged periods.

New stems have the same colour and texture as the leaves, turning woody and brown with time. But it would be best to trim them regularly so the leaves remain healthy.

How to Care For a Money Plant

Here are some tips that can ensure your money plant flourishes for years:

1.      Give It Natural Light

Almost all plants need sunlight to grow, but that doesn’t mean you should place them under direct light for hours. Place your money plant in a spot that is partially in the shade. Otherwise, the leaves will discolour. You can also place it on a sunny ledge just out of reach of the sun’s rays.

2.      Don’t Overwater Your Plant

The money plant is tough and can quickly adapt to different environments and treatments. So you don’t need to water it every day or over-water it. The plant will start to die. Just wait for the soil to dry out before hydrating the plant again. In the winter, spray enough water to keep the soil slightly moist.

3.      Trim the Plant Regularly

If you notice dry or dead leaves on your plant, cut them out using sharp and clean shears. Also, make sure that you cut off excess growth from the base of the stems, so the plant grows well.

4.      Re-pot When the Plant Grows

If you take care of your money plant well, it will eventually outgrow its pot. When it gets too big, you have two options. You can propagate or re-pot it in a bigger pot so it can grow more. Make sure you use an appropriate indoor plant mix as soil with good drainage and sufficient moisture. The plant won’t dry out.

Caring For Water-Grown Money Plants

If you have a small apartment, you can grow the plant in a bottle or jar of water. Place it near the window and watch it climb as it develops new leaves. Here are some care instructions that can ensure this:

  • Keep the plant under partial sunlight, so the leaves remain healthy and green.
  • Make sure at least one node is below the water level.
  • Fold the branch in the water so more nodes can get soaked
  • Change the water weekly without fail.
  • No need to add fertiliser.

What’s great about this money plant is that it can be easily transferred to a pot if you want to make it grow more. Allow it to flourish, and it will add beauty and charm to your living space.

Where and When to Grow Money Plants

While money plants flourish in sunny spots, some varieties fare better in semi-shaded areas. These can grow in almost any soil, so you may see them in your garden growing wild. It’s the main reason the plant is so popular with flat owners and people who don’t have room for a garden.

If you are propagating, do so in the early spring. That is the best season for this plant to grow healthy and fast. It requires little to no water in the dormant season.

Use the tips mentioned above to make this gorgeous and hardy plant an attractive fixture in your home or garden. While it doesn’t need much care, neglect will eventually negatively impact its growth.

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