The Easiest Rental Tips Experts Always Use

Dec 8, 2023

Ever wondered how professional interior designers approach decorating rental homes? Whether it's their own space or a client's project, these experts have creative hacks to make a temporary apartment stand out and feel more personalized, even on a tight budget. These changes can transform your space, making you want to extend your lease for years. Designers share six impactful renter hacks that promise to elevate your home, regardless of your interior style.

Add Your Touch to Existing Hardwares

Sometimes, the kitchen or bathroom hardware in a rental doesn't align with your style. But don't fret! You can easily personalize your apartment without spending much.

All it takes is a screwdriver and your chosen hardware. Whether shopping on Various styles are available, catering to diverse aesthetics and budgets.

It's a small investment for significant impact, letting you customize your space affordably.

Do Some Changes for the Kitchen

Most renters opt for updating kitchen cabinets by changing hardware to match their style. However, for those seeking a more significant change, consider replacing cabinet fronts with solid wood. While this could be a higher investment, designers note that it can bring a luxurious feel to the space.

Collaborate with the Furniture You Love

Want to elevate your rental space? Invest in a furniture piece that suits your current space and sparks joy. Often, clients fear buying furniture that might not suit future homes, leading to choices that may be too small or lackluster. Instead, experts encourage renters to prioritize the present and shop for pieces that resonate now, with the reassurance that items can be resold if needed later. Consider: What's the value of creating a home I love at this moment?


Even if your rental bathroom has outdated tiled walls, it doesn't have to lack personality.

Command strips and similar removable hanging solutions are perfect for walls where drilling isn't an option. They offer versatility, from creating extra storage in compact spaces to displaying favorite artwork without the need for nails or drilling.

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